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Del Bigtree On Coronavirus And The Coming MANDATORY Vaccination Program!24:2946,156
How To REVERSE The Dumbing Down Of Society Using The Science Of NUTRITION!17:395,644
The Free Speech Club is SUING The UBC! Because The University Canceled Event CRITICIZING ANTIFA!!20:203,848
LICENSING The Global News Circuit Soon To Be A Reality in Canada DESPITE Claims They Won’t Do It!!7:104,770
Convicted Pedophile RELEASED, “No Longer Deemed Threat” Because He Says He’s A WOMAN NOW!!!16:157,586
CAUGHT ON HIDDEN CAMERA: Ezra Levant of Rebel News INTERROGATED For His Book Exposing Justin Trudeau7:1713,675
Live AMA with Press For Truth1:03:573,434
BREAKING: CEPI (funded by Gates) Grants INOVIO $9M To Develop Vaccine Against Coronavirus nCoV-201911:5518,941
The TRUTH About The CORONAVIRUS They Hope You’ll NEVER SEE!!!15:2028,850
Fake News Alert! NO, a Christian School DIDN’T Expel a Girl Over a Rainbow Sweater and Cake!!16:395,953
Climate “Fortune Tellers” And “Alarmists” EXPOSED! Here’s The PROOF They DON’T Want You To See!!!9:2910,977
The Truth About Wind Turbine Blades And The RENEWABLE GREEN ENERGY MYTH!!!14:289,324
Canadian Court Rules Father CAN’T Stop Teen Daughter From Taking Male Hormones!!!17:114,417
Is Medicinal Cannabis A CATALYST In The Evolution of Health & Wellness?23:412,990
The War On Drugs Took This Man’s Life But YOU Can Help Him GET IT BACK!!!20:282,943
Iran ADMITS It Mistakingly Shot Down Ukrainian Flight 752 in “DISASTROUS MISTAKE” What Happens Next?14:336,488
CONFIRMED! Flight 752 SHOT DOWN By Iran Resulting in “Collateral Damage” Loss of 63 Canadian Lives!!5:247,277
IRAN PLANE CRASH, Trump Calls For PEACE And The FUTURE of Iran/US Relations - What You NEED To Know!25:267,579
FACEPALM: Jessica “Wax My Balls OR ELSE” Yaniv At It AGAIN With NEW Human Rights Waxing Complaint!!!15:108,777
Ricky Gervais OBLITERATES “Woke” Hollywood Elite In EPIC Golden Globes ROAST!!!6:4916,685
Meat Loaf DARES To Challenge Greta Thunberg And The Man Made Climate Change HOAX!!!9:4017,076
War With Iran IMMINENT as World Braces For WW3 - What You NEED To Know!!!8:5811,659
Pewdiepie DELETES Twitter Account Calling It A “CESSPOOL of Opinion” - The Exodus BEGINS!!!9:358,686
We Need To Talk About The UPS Police Brutality COVER UP And What They’re NOT Telling You!!!13:379,967
BREAKING: Irrelevant Magazine Picks Whining Brat For Cover That is Destined For Landfills9:277,214
Banana Taped To Wall Sells For $120k, Gets Eaten, Turns Into EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF Meme!7:266,791
Tis The Season For Censorship - We NEED To Talk About The Upcoming YouTube CHRISTMAS PURGE!!14:345,116
“Wax My Balls Or Else” Jessica Yaniv Claims Discrimination Against GYNAECOLOGIST For Refusal!!!5:3112,628
WATCH An Orwellian BLUEPRINT For The West As Chinese Man Gets INTERROGATED For Criticizing Police!!!13:239,014
NEW Thought Police Tool - A.I. Mind Reading PRODUCES VIDEO of Human Thoughts in REAL TIME!!!14:509,525
FaceBook Will Now BAN FACTS About Vaccine Ingredients! What You NEED To Know!!!13:428,870
BREAKING: Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu CHARGED in Corruption Cases For Bribery And Fraud!!16:288,229
Uber To Audio Record EVERY RIDE & TRIP LOCATION! You Won’t Believe How ORWELLIAN This Is Getting!!!8:265,300
FTC To FINE YouTubers $42,530 PER VIDEO Under New COPPA For Kids Rule - What You NEED To Know!!!13:4811,676
Breaking Epstein Updates: The Prince, The President, The Brother And The Meme!!!16:1312,447
The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council SHUTS DOWN COMPLAINTS About The Social’s Jessica Allen!!!0:366,914
YouTubers LEGALLY REQUIRED To Comply with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) OR ELSE!!14:007,950
Don Cherry FIRED By Cancel Culture Cops Succumbing To Outrage Mobs Is A DISGRACE!!!14:507,585
YouTube Is DEAD - New Terms Give Power To Ban “Not Commercially Viable” Channels At SOLE DISCRETION!8:4413,695
U.S. Military To Create AI That Can DETECT And FIGHT Fake News! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!!9:355,761
THIS Is Theft By Government! GrassRoots Medicinal in Squamish BC RAIDED By CSU & RCMP!!!17:258,498
The ABC EPSTEIN EXPOSÉ Shines A Light on The Royal Family’s DARK Pedophile Activity!12:3810,803
LIVE: Raid on Medical Cannabis Facility in Squamish BC!1:10:257,485
ANTIFA For Trans Rights Go BERSERK on RAMPAGE Because Men AREN'T Women!14:0016,264
Meghan Murphy on Free Speech VS The “SHUT IT DOWN” Cultural Phenomenon!5:265,734
How Media Bias Shapes The Gender Identity Debate: LIVE With Press For Truth!!!1:52:215,178
How Media Bias Shapes The Gender Identity Debate: LIVE With Press For Truth!!!5:602,264
Watchdog SUES FBI Over Facial Recognition Secrecy! In Your Face Big Brother!!!14:405,117
LEAKED DOCUMENT Reveals Sidewalk Labs Smart City DATA COLLECTION And SURVEILLANCE Plan!!!9:3117,142
Egypt Holds 5G Summit To Decide The Fate of HIGHLY PRIZED Radio Frequency Bands! WCGW??!20:805,651
BOOM!!! Epstein Island INVADED & EXPOSED By Independent Journalists!!! MUST SEE!18:1425,807
Get Ready For “Order” Out Of Chaos - The DEATH Of ISIS Leader Bagdadi Will Mean MORE WAR!!!12:207,851
Good News UPDATE: Judge Rules Dad WILL Have Say In Gender “Transition” Of 7-Year-Old Son!9:275,978
Texas Jury Rules AGAINST Dad Trying To Stop SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Son’s Gender Transition!!!14:567,442
The Precious Metals Market WILL Prevail In The Face of An Inevitable DOLLAR CRASH!12:122,488
VICTORY! “Wax My Balls Or Else” Jessica Yaniv LOSES Tribunal Hearing Case!7:1326,746
The Democracy Deception Part 2 - What's The Alternative?22:577,367
With Greta’s Help This Federal (S)election The SYSTEM Will Win!!!…How Dare You?!!9:2411,673
Trudeau’s Federal sElection - Another Four Years??!19:198,003
The Countdown To A Gold Bull Market Is On The Horizon! What You NEED To Know!13:224,996
Getting Married And Goin on A Honeymoon!53:214,970
Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State - The Gloves ARE OFF!!!20:199,014
A Free Market Solution To Online Censorship Has Arrived And It’s Called FLOTE!9:206,350
Modern-Day Book-Burnings Are Happening in The Digital Realm BUT We Have An ANSWER!9:325,817
Drone Attack in Saudi Arabia AMA Live with PFT17:607,885
Press For Truth Presents: 9/11 The Toronto Hearings (FULL DVD 2019)5:14:114,876
Academic Report Concludes Fire Did NOT Bring Down WTC 7 On 9/11!!...So What DID?!21:2110,307
BC Father’s Post Trial AMA Live with Press For Truth23:206,258
AB vs CD: The System Isn’t Broken...The System is FIXED!8:518,238
Father Told “You Are Irrelevant To The Medical Care of Your Child” on IRREVERSIBLE Hormone Treatment10:2611,626
BRILLIANT! Hong Kong Protesters Use MESH App To Communicate WITHOUT The Internet!9:5727,724
Beyond The Burger Craze: The Truth About Plant Based “Meat” Products That You’re NOT Being Told!19:2023,502
BC Supreme Court To Hear Father’s Case Against “Totalitarian Interference” in CHILD’S Gender!11:4610,352
The Free Market Wins As UBER Comes To Vancouver DESPITE Government Regs And The TAXI CAB CARTEL!6:133,185
What The Heck is Going On?! AMA Live with PFT57:314,691
What You’re NOT Being Told About the NEW Trial For The VIA RAIL “Foiled” Terror Plot!7:478,176
Government Violence on FULL Display as Hong Kong Police Fire LIVE ROUNDS During Escalating Protests!17:457,946
If You Want True Financial Freedom Here’s an Idea…DON’T Save For Retirement!16:117,515
Climate Change Alarmists Warned About Pushing PARTISAN PROPAGANDA During Federal Election!15:206,871
Friends of Epstein May Claim “DEEPFAKE” If Video Evidence of Sexual Activity Emerges!10:3911,988
Cops Are Now Using Facial Recognition Tech To Detect FEAR in Real Time…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?11:349,643
Epstein Suicided(d): The Autopsy, The Body Guard, The Paintings & The Judge - What You NEED TO KNOW!15:2014,105
Jeffrey Epstein Suicide(d) You Won’t Believe What They Are NOW Claiming Happened!!!25:1419,834
The Jeffrey Epstein “Suicide” CONSPIRACY Explained in Under Two Minutes!!2:0013,674
Billionaires Are STOCKPILING Precious Metals on The Brink of A DECLINING DOLLAR!!24:318,151
BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein DEAD From “Suicide” While on “Suicide Watch”!15:5016,118
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Canadian Deep State Exposed! PROOF of Secret Government Manipulating Politics!!!14:1724,122
Gold is ON FIRE Hitting $1500 Amid Global Financial Storm!19:203,767
Facebook Denies Shadow Banning, Receives Patent for Shadow Banning8:486,592
Sexual Educator Answers The Question: Should Trans Rights TRUMP Women’s Rights?10:0011,188
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Brings His Children To Pride so Dan Dicks Confronts Him!!3:3722,936
Vancouver Pride Press For Truth Live (Trudeau in the house)30:166,417
Declassified FBI Document Warns “Conspiracy Theories” Are A New Domestic TERRORISM THREAT!22:2814,133
Twitter Suspension via “Jessica” & The Mario Lopez “controversy”! AMA Live with PFT1:11:605,854
Storm Area 51 is Morphing Into STORM THE SYSTEM And The Government Should Be Terrified!!!8:4310,287
Twitter Suspends Dan Dicks For Saying A Man is NOT a Woman & Referring To “Jessica” Yaniv as “Him”8:9030,464
Ball Waxing Trans “Woman” “Jessica” Yaniv (Jonathan) May Actually WIN Human Rights Tribunal!!!11:2936,698
“Jessica” Yaniv UNHINGED! Dan Dicks of Press For Truth ASSAULTED At Tribunal Hearings!!!10:5552,989
The Truth About #ClintonBodyCount And The Epstein Connection - What You NEED To Know!12:3027,413
Transgender Activist “Jessica” Yaniv Uses Canadian Law To FORCE Women to Touch His Genitals!17:2631,483

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