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Listubes is a simple search engine for Youtube videos channels. Listubes is a additional search engine to help users to browse their favorites youtubes channels and to be redirect on Youtube.

The content

All Youtube statistic for number of subscribers, number of videos, number of view or all orther statistics may not be updated. listubes does not specialize in these statistics, please refer to Youtube or other tools or specialized websites for this data type.

Some contents have been modified on Youtube, may not be updated on Listubes. Somes request tools will be added soon for updates.

listubes does not index private videos and not allowed videos in search engine.
listubes does not index all content from huge channel.
Listubes disclaims all responsabilities on all content and errors.

Terms ans conditions

Listubes does not host any video content does not index private content. Only public content from channels, playlists or videos on Youtube (channel name, user name, descriptions, search engine data, statistics) are used by Listubes.

Listubes disclaims all responsabilities on all content and the use is left to the user's discretion and tutors if minor.
All texts and pictures from Listubes are the property of listubes.com
All pictures from Youtube are subject to Youtube's Terms of Service.
All content indexed from Youtube can be remove on request from Youtube account owner.

Listubes.com uses the SSL security protocol (https) to ensure greater privacy and security when browsing on the website.
Some information or data about your browsing can be recorded by Listubes. These data are only use for statistics and to improve your browsing experience. All recorded data remains confidential and is not distributed to third parties.
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