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Sharks cause scuba divers to nearly wet their wet suits0:54523
Rescued kitten evolution in just 7 days2:14973
Alaskan Malamute loves having his name called by sweet little girl0:424,252
Baby flawlessly imitates mom's cackling laughter0:352,029
This adorable Yorkie knows how to smile on command0:371,723
Cat & parrot spend some quality time together0:521,028
New dad's priceless reaction to crying baby twins0:154,121
All these dogs and cats decide to nap together at the same time0:313,739
Golden Retriever walks with her duck every single day0:214,625
Crazy husky literally screams at his entire family0:333,167
Real friends let you sit right on top of them0:103,104
Ultra competitive sisters battle it out during musical chairs0:211,877
German Shepherd begs owner to let his best friend inside0:416,492
Dude sleeping on the train gets rude awakening when it suddenly stops0:603,219
Creative parrot makes a very special Valentine1:901,231
Newfoundland waits for command before chomping on a treat0:311,857
Bulldog looks away during scary movie scene, loses it when the murderer shows up3:1510,416
Little girl lies on her dream bed of giant puppies1:116,300
Romantic parrot wants a secret tryst with look-alike toy parrot0:441,260
Hilarious doggy just can't seem to get comfortable0:311,907
Helpful Golden Retriever makes an adorable delivery boy0:901,556
Rottweiler suckles on owner's finger like a giant puppy1:104,649
Ambitious puppy challenges much bigger dog to game of tug-of-war0:492,540
English sheepdog gives owner the biggest hug ever0:101,944
Doberman utterly obsessed with new marmoset addition0:531,555
Kangaroos drink from swimming pool after surviving Australian bushfires0:28876
Hungry kitty is very curious as to what her owner is eating0:241,627
Great Dane puppy saves man from the doghouse on Valentine's Day1:803,402
Carefree pup moves for nothing and no one0:206,052
Majestic serval cat gives owner a loving massage0:131,640
Bulldog with flappy jowls does a funny snore0:281,457
Bull Terrier bamboozled by open-ended gate1:3410,003
Sweet toddler tucks in doggy best friend for a nap0:5710,511
Giant ostrich performs funky dance to attract female at rehab sanctuary1:191,721
Dog's priceless reaction after attempting first walk in new boots0:306,702
Frenchie puppy adorably plays with a blueberry0:356,973
Looks like this Golden retriever is extremely thirsty0:162,160
These scuba divers will help you fall in love with the underwater world4:15575
Laid back dogs love to lounge in the Florida sunshine1:39802
Sheepdog isn't very good at hide-and-seek0:125,543
Hungry pelican gets scraps from soft-hearted fisherman0:441,624
Silly pup can't figure out how to get giant stick through doorway0:212,040
Storm Ciara creates brutal conditions for Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship0:231,581
Little girl adorably struggles to fit into jeans0:391,549
Traditional Amazon village serves tourists giant grubs for snack1:10946
Golden Retriever overjoyed at birthday cake made of tennis balls0:513,544
Woman helps baby turtles dig out of their nests1:47839
Baby sea lion flawlessly stops and looks both ways before crossing the street0:354,932
This little girl and her guinea pig will make your day0:512,696
Extremely unique cat loves to get vacuumed0:421,669
Dog & puppy nap time is the beginning of a new friendship0:151,699
Well-trained doggy makes "duck lips" without breaking potato chips0:231,296
Adorable howling wolfdog puppy sings his heart out0:5910,855
Coolest sheepdog ever just love to give high-fives0:123,206
Pup dives face first into puddle of mud0:302,257
Smooth kitty jumps over gate like bunny rabbit0:901,608
Man records his own car getting a (well deserved) parking ticket1:801,095
Miniature horse flies first class on airplane0:402,590
Thrill-seeking parrot slides down the shower door0:261,892
Valentine's Day love is in the air for these kangaroos1:19945
Majestic battle for dominance between wild Konik horses0:342,500
Confused pup hilariously freezes after getting cheesed for the first time0:374,503
The laziest game of puppy tug-of-war you’ll ever see0:131,659
Happy doggies play together in the Alaskan snow0:451,264
Crazy party kitten snatches owner's beer0:161,862
German Shepherd nearly falls asleep during spa appointment0:495,321
This cat wants to "help" fold the laundry1:601,581
Huge sleepy Newfoundland blocks entrance to his home0:363,881
Cockatoo ends up ordering hilarious items through Alexa1:5311,245
Polite parrot says 'God Bless You' after owner sneezes0:235,346
Donkey hangs out with his bunny best friend0:452,714
Cheeky sea lion steals caretaker's bucket to play with it0:573,184
Watch this super cute puppy training session0:225,595
Puppy adorably determined to take big doggy for a walk0:134,289
Drone footage captures devastation of Virginia floods0:331,760
This delivery guy seems to be having a really bad day0:173,294
Sheep Dog Absolutely Loves Sliding Down This Snowy Hill0:515,876
Alaskan Malamute expresses his desire to help vacuum the kitchen0:424,382
Howling dog throws temper tantrum for funniest reason ever0:319,960
Jack Russell wants to befriend every single animal at the pet store1:119,751
Reluctant Boston Terrier pulls off cutest rollover ever0:351,865
Super sleepy hamster literally falls asleep in owner's hand0:282,323
Service dog gets to meet Shaggy & Scooby Doo0:132,119
Clever Newfoundland masterfully swindles his owner0:392,486
Goofy Newfoundland puppy gets head stuck in basket1:104,956
Muddy dog stuck in crate delivers hysterical 'broken' face0:192,417
Rockstar kid sings total metal version of 'Old MacDonald'0:181,611
Guilty Newfoundland puppy makes huge mess0:386,283
Bewildered dog amazed by magic trick0:246,366
Annoyed bull sea lion tells tourist with camera to scram0:492,606
Little girl and her horse share incredibly precious moments together1:701,754
Rescue bunny says good morning to his donkey friends0:241,902
Dad attempts push-up challenge with kids on his back0:281,287
West Highland Terrier dogs play hilarious game of peek-a-boo2:3298,209
Large grouper fish approaches scuba divers for some love0:341,467
Cat's wagging tail repeatedly boops dog on the nose0:164,142
Newfoundland adorably waits for his best friend to finish homework0:5613,258
This cat really loves to give hugs0:333,786
Crazy husky can't stop licking glass door0:181,798
This cat shows off its pure hunting abilities0:702,033

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