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Margo - Lonely Nights In London3:50369
Margo - All I Have for You Mum2:56207
Margo - Memories of Life In Donegal4:40362
Margo - I Still Miss Someone2:50360
Margo - Someday You'll Call My Name3:10288
Margo - Near The Village of Dromore2:55153
Margo - I'll Meet You In Church3:4363
Margo - The Emigrant3:12280
Margo - A Trip Through Ireland3:18222
Margo - Roses In the Snow2:45154
Margo - Will Your Lawyer Talk to God2:54122
Larry Cunningham - Cottage By The Lee3:30162
Larry Cunningham - Where The Grass Grows The Greenest2:42104
Larry Cunningham - My Own Dear Galway Bay2:41147
Larry Cunningham - Isle of Innisfree3:50172
Larry Cunningham - Gweebarra Bay2:4852
Larry Cunningham - Old Dungarvan Oak2:5377
Larry Cunningham - Pretty Little Girl From Omagh2:35278
Larry Cunningham - Lovely Derry2:37128
Larry Cunningham - Dingle Bay3:45113
Larry Cunningham - Cottage On The Borderline2:38167
Larry Cunningham - Among The Wicklow Hills2:40263
Larry Cunningham - Misty Rolling Midlands2:27164
Larry Cunningham - Tipperary Town3:44213
Larry Cunningham - Slaney Valley3:20202
Larry Cunningham - Lovely Leitrim2:34275
Larry Cunningham - Come Back To Erin2:20193
Marina Meyler - The Mountain Road / Mason's Apron [Audio Stream]3:41170
Noreen Leech - Colonel Fraser / The Gravel Walk [Audio Stream]4:6083
Con Durham - The Fermoy Lassies / The Mountain Road / Ril an Ghabha [Audio Stream]2:5179
Noreen Leech - Reevy's Reel / Noreen's Fancy [Audio Stream]2:5652
Denise Shiels - The Kerry Jig / The Rambling Pitchfork [Audio Stream]2:5136
Marina Meyler - Let Eireann Remember / The Mountains of Pomeroy [Audio Stream]2:1144
Marina Meyler - The Right of Man / The Galway Hornpipe [Audio Stream]4:1157
Noreen Leech - The Barmaid / The Green Fields of Glentown [Audio Stream]2:5656
The Dublin Ceili Band - The Bag of Spuds / Tom Steele's / The Foxhunters [Audio Stream]3:4696
Noreen Leech - The Home Ruler / The Ideal Hornpipe [Audio Stream]3:1039
Noreen Leech - The Golden Eagle / The Tidy Room [Audio Stream]3:5121
Marina Meyler - Arthur Daly's / The Eve On the Roof [Audio Stream]2:5678
Marina Meyler - Top of the Stairs / The Clare Reel [Audio Stream]2:2641
The Dublin Ceili Band - McDermott's Reels / The Sally Garden's / The Silver Spear [Audio Stream]3:16128
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - The Boys of the Lough / The Foxhunters [Audio Stream]2:4134
Marina Meyler - Sheehy's / Taylor's / The Siamsa Jig [Audio Stream]4:1019
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - The Ha'penny Bridge / Whelan's Jig [Audio Stream]3:2126
Denise Shiels - The Storyteller / Tom Spillane's [Audio Stream]1:5117
Noreen Leech - The Cliffs of Moher / Doherty's Jig [Audio Stream]2:4634
Noreen Leech - The Storyteller [Audio Stream]1:3611
Lynn Saoirse - Rights of Man / Cahir's Kitchen [Audio Stream]3:4616
Denise Shiels - The Moving Cloud / Jennie's Chickens [Audio Stream]2:3612
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - The Scholar / Father Kelly's Reel / St. Anne's Reel [Audio Stream3:2622
Denise Shiels - Crowley's / The Banshee [Audio Stream]2:218
Lynn Saoirse - Johnnie's Wedding / The Tamlin [Audio Stream]3:107
Ivan Smith - Salamanca / Humours of Scariff / Man of Aran [Audio Stream]3:2122
Ivan Smith - Halfway House / Copper Plate / Sliabh Rua [Audio Stream]3:2618
Noreen Leech - Lament for Staker Wallace [Audio Stream]3:6046
Marina Meyler - The Kesh Jig / The Merry Rover [Audio Stream]2:2128
Niall Tóibín - Live at the Braemor Rooms (Dublin, 1988)1:21:51814
Sharon Shannon - Coridinio [Audio Stream]2:51295
Sharon Shannon - The Mighty Sparrow [Audio Stream]8:3691
Sharon Shannon - The Woodchoppers / Le Reel des Voyageurs [Audio Stream]3:10100
Sharon Shannon - The Duke of York's Troope [Audio Stream]3:10135
Sharon Shannon - Hand Me Down My Bible [Audio Stream]3:36155
Sharon Shannon - Queen of the West [Audio Stream]3:60186
Sharon Shannon - Out the Gap [Audio Stream]4:26118
Sharon Shannon - The Munster Hop [Audio Stream]2:56109
Sharon Shannon - I've No Alibi [Audio Stream]5:3156
Sharon Shannon - Tickle Her Leg [Audio Stream]2:4154
Sharon Shannon feat. Jon Kenny - The Donegal Kid [Audio Stream]4:3138
Sharon Shannon - The Penguin: Retour des Hirondelles / Music for a Found Harmonium [Audio Stream]4:6097
Sharon Shannon - The Mouth of the Tobique: Lad O'Beirne's / Dowd's Favourite / The Mouth of the Tobi4:1645
Sharon Shannon feat. Declan O'Rourke - No Brakes [Audio Stream]3:4614
Sharon Shannon - The Blackbird [Audio Stream]4:1036
Sharon Shannon, Mike McGoldrick, Dezi Donnelly & Jim Murray - The Full Set [Audio Stream]3:1654
Sharon Shannon feat. Jack Maher - Don't Give Up [Audio Stream]4:1144
Sharon Shannon - The Penguin: Retour des Hirondelles / Music for a Found Harmonium [Audio Stream]5:1629
Sharon Shannon - Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji [Audio Stream]3:3627
Sharon Shannon - Sandy River Belle [Audio Stream]2:1626
Sharon Shannon - Cornphiopa Corafinne / Skidoo [Audio Stream]3:2629
Sharon Shannon - One of the Same [Audio Stream]3:5120
Sharon Shannon, Mike McGoldrick, Dezi Donnelly & Jim Murray - Gaffo's Ball [Audio Stream]3:3638
Sharon Shannon - Colony [Audio Stream]6:3619
Sharon Shannon - Phil Cunningham Set [Audio Stream]5:11561
Sharon Shannon - The Whitestrand Sling [Audio Stream]6:3613
Sharon Shannon - The Marguerita Suite: The Peeking Pup Waltz / Graham Townsends Jig [Audio Stream]5:5616
Dessie O'Halloran, Sharon Shannon, Damien Dempsey & Mundy - Courtin' in the Kitchen [Audio Stream]4:11134
Sharon Shannon feat. Dessie O'Halloran & The Brennan Sisters - Come Down from the Mountain Katie Dal4:60303
Sharon Shannon - Bonnie Mulligan [Audio Stream]3:1037
Sharon Shannon feat. Gerry O'Connor - Time to Time [Audio Stream]8:265
Sharon Shannon - The Burst Mattress [Audio Stream]6:1612
Sharon Shannon - Marbhna Luimni [Audio Stream]4:3618
Sharon Shannon - Anto's Cajun Cousins [Audio Stream]2:5128
Sharon Shannon feat. Imelda May - Go Tell the Devil [Audio Stream]3:10213
Sharon Shannon - Howya Horse? [Audio Stream]2:4617
Sharon Shannon feat. Frankie Gavin, Michael McGoldrick & Jim Murray - The Buck's of Oranmore: King o4:11102
Sharon Shannon - The Wild West Wagon Train [Audio Stream]4:6020
Sharon Shannon - Björn Again Polka [Audio Stream]3:2156
Sharon Shannon feat. Declan O'Rourke - Galileo [Audio Stream]3:31397
Sharon Shannon - Glentown [Audio Stream]4:2610
Sharon Shannon & Dessie O'Halloran - Say You Love Me [Audio Stream]4:3124
Sharon Shannon - Trailin' the True Star [Audio Stream]4:162

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