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Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - McDermotts No.1 Reel / Drowsie Maggie [Audio Stream]2:001
Denise Shiels - The Storyteller / Tom Spillane [Audio Stream]1:450
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - Joe Cooley's Tulla Reel / Flaxen Bloom [Audio Stream]3:200
Denise Shiels - I Don't Know / The Harty Boys of Ballinmore [Audio Stream]2:501
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - The Scholar / Kellys Reel / St. Annes's Reel [Audio Stream]3:211
Denise Shiels - The Bells of Tipperary / Gareth Barry's [Audio Stream]2:250
Denise Shiels - Paddy Fahy's / The Leitrim Jig [Audio Stream]2:160
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - Jackie Colmans / The Teetotaler / The Sailors Bonnet [Audio Strea3:261
Denise Shiels - Burke's Hornpipe / The Long Road Home [Audio Stream]3:410
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - Crowleys Hornpipe / The Boys of Blue Hill [Audio Stream]2:500
Grainne Kelly and Ciaran Marsden - The Chicago Reel / The Dogs Among the Bushes / Toss the Feathers2:500
Denise Shiels - Sliabh League / The Mug of Brown Ale [Audio Stream]2:100
Denise Shiels - Down the Broom / Reevy's Reel [Audio Stream]2:200
Ann Mooney - The Old Woman from Wexford [Audio Stream]1:361
Ann Mooney - The Wild Rover [Audio Stream]2:252
Marina Meyler - The Eavesdropper / The Kid On the Mountain [Audio Stream]3:501
Ann Mooney - Dicey Riley [Audio Stream]1:106
John McCormack - La Donna e Mobile [Audio Stream]2:313
Dawn Mulligan - Irish Washerwoman [Audio Stream]1:455
John McCormack - The Wearing of the Green [Audio Stream]2:403
Dawn Mulligan - Miss Brown's Fancy [Audio Stream]1:460
Con Durham - The Woman of the House [Audio Stream]3:402
Ann Mooney - The West Awake [Audio Stream]2:200
Dawn Mulligan - The Hurling Boys [Audio Stream]1:351
Finbarr Dwyer - The Pipe On the Hob/Kitty's Rambles [Audio Stream]2:454
Marina Meyler - Top of the Stairs [Audio Stream]2:212
John McCormack - The Flower Song [Audio Stream]3:405
Dawn Mulligan - The Hunt [Audio Stream]2:150
John McCormack - Celeste Aida [Audio Stream]3:254
Ann Mooney - The Leaving of Liverpool [Audio Stream]2:254
Ann Mooney - Peggy Gordon [Audio Stream]2:160
Ann Mooney - Kevin Barry [Audio Stream]3:212
Dawn Mulligan - The Rakes of Mallow [Audio Stream]2:702
Con Durham - The Castle Island / Mike Duneen's / Old Kerry Slide [Audio Stream]3:121
Ann Mooney - Spancil Hill [Audio Stream]3:122
Ann Mooney - The Spanish Lady [Audio Stream]1:500
Ann Mooney - The Black Velvet Band [Audio Stream]1:501
Ann Mooney - A Nation Once Again [Audio Stream]2:424
Denise Shiels - The Storyteller [Audio Stream]1:471
Ann Mooney - Boolavogue [Audio Stream]3:605
Ciaran Marsden & Grainne Kelly - The Eavesdropper [Audio Stream]3:501
Ann Mooney - Whiskey in the Jar [Audio Stream]2:100
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Aires De Pontevedra [Audio Stream]1:453
Sharon Shannon & Friends - A Case of You [Audio Stream]5:152
Sharon Shannon & Friends - All the Ways You Wander [Audio Stream]3:5111
Sharon Shannon & Friends - The Bungee Jumpers [Audio Stream]4:101
Sharon Shannon & Friends - The Burst Mattress: Amy's Waltz / An Tunnag / A Sore Point [Audio Stream]5:504
Sharon Shannon - Duncan's: Chi Mi'n Geamhradh / The Palm Tree / The Flowers of Brooklyn4:461
Sharon Shannon - Micho Russell's: With Her Lovely Long Hair / John Brady's Jig / Richard Dwyer's5:105
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Rathlin Island / Sporting Paddy [Audio Stream]2:002
Sharon Shannon & Friends - The Burst Matress [Audio Stream]6:102
Sharon Shannon & Friends - The Wishing Well [Audio Stream]4:371
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Jota Do Porto Do Cabo [Audio Stream]3:451
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Space Party [Audio Stream]6:501
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Valentine [Audio Stream]3:263
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Jim's Jig [Audio Stream]3:459
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Hogs & Heifers [Audio Stream]4:352
Sharon Shannon feat. John Prine & Mary Staunton - Love Love Love [Audio Stream]3:2226
Sharon Shannon - Each Little Thing (Diarmuid's March) [Audio Stream]4:208
Sharon Shannon - The Bungee Jumpers [Audio Stream]4:111
Sharon Shannon feat. The Wild Bullocks - The Whitestrand Sling [Audio Stream]4:373
Sharon Shannon - Reel Beatrice [Audio Stream]2:3715
Sharon Shannon feat. Steve Earle - The Galway Girl [Audio Stream]3:2016
Sharon Shannon feat. John Hoban - Slan Le Van [Audio Stream]3:557
Sharon Shannon - Spellbound [Audio Stream]2:408
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Duncan's [Audio Stream]5:001
Sharon Shannon - The Marguerita Suite: The Peeking Pup Waltz / Graham Townsends Jig [Audio Stream]5:5115
Sharon Shannon - Northern Lights [Audio Stream]7:206
Sharon Shannon - The Diamond Mountain [Audio Stream]3:204
Sharon Shannon - The Woodchoppers / The Reel des Voyageurs (Live) [Audio Stream]2:558
Sharon Shannon - Tickle Her Leg [Audio Stream]2:3091
Sharon Shannon - The Munster Hop [Audio Stream]2:4514
Sharon Shannon - The Mouth of the Tobique: Lad O'Beirne's / Dowd's Favourite / The Mouth of the Tobi4:506
Sharon Shannon feat. Kirsty MacColl - Libertango [Audio Stream]4:265
Sharon Shannon feat. Liz & Yvonne Kane - Fire in the Bellies [Audio Stream]4:317
Sharon Shannon feat. Sinéad O'Connor - The Seven Rejoices of Mary [Audio Stream]4:556
Sharon Shannon feat. Carlos Nunez - Jota Do Porto Cabo [Audio Stream]2:4715
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Albatross [Audio Stream]3:204
Sharon Shannon - Sparky [Audio Stream]3:4221
Sharon Shannon feat. Carlos Nunez - A Costa De Galicia [Audio Stream]3:2019
Sharon Shannon - Maguire and Paterson [Audio Stream]2:4611
Sharon Shannon feat. Róisín Elsafty & The Elsafty Family - An Phailistín [Audio Stream]4:508
Sharon Shannon - A Song of the Rosy Cross [Audio Stream]1:353
Sharon Shannon - The Bag of Cats: The Barrow Burn Reel / Lexy Macskill's / The Trip to Windsor / Cal4:306
Sharon Shannon - Sandy River Belle [Audio Stream]2:504
Sharon Shannon - The 3 Headed Monster [Audio Stream]3:302
Sharon Shannon - Maguire & Patterson [Audio Stream]2:515
Sharon Shannon - What You Make It (Da Da Da Da) [Audio Stream]3:505
Sharon Shannon - Glentown [Audio Stream]4:207
Sharon Shannon - The Blackbird [Audio Stream]4:105
Sharon Shannon - Cavan Potholes [Audio Stream]5:105
Sharon Shannon - The Burst Mattress: Amy's Waltz / An Tunnag / A Sore Point [Audio Stream]6:504
Sharon Shannon - The Bungee Jumpers [Audio Stream]4:151
Sharon Shannon - A Man of Constant Sorrow [Audio Stream]3:357
Sharon Shannon - Butterflies [Audio Stream]3:225
Sharon Shannon - The Galway Girl [Audio Stream]3:109
Sharon Shannon - Say You Love Me [Audio Stream]4:259
Sharon Shannon - The Mighty Sparrow (Live) [Audio Stream]5:552
Sharon Shannon feat. The Wild Bullocks - The Whitestrand Sling [Audio Stream]4:304
Sharon Shannon - The Bag of Cats: The Barrow Burn Reel / Lexy Macskill's / The Trip to Windsor / Cal4:303

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