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From Athens Through the Adriatic to Venice (1930s)19:511,117
SS Normandie in New York City (1930)19:521,657
Indian Pottery (1940s)7:231,524
Arabian Horse Farm (1940s)17:44710
Arabian Horse Farm (1940s)26:22502
Ship To Curacao (1938)10:25819
Ship To Panama (1938)10:521,574
SS Lafayette to Martinique (1930s)19:11469
Spain (1930s)2:48383
Historic Sites and Resorts Along the Normandy Coast (1938)10:37708
Old Towns Of Normandy (1938)10:57624
A Journey to Normandy (1938)10:57655
The Fifth Freedom (ca 1950)8:421,483
India Speaks - Part 3 (1933)21:583,170
India Speaks - Part 2 (1933)18:385,262
United Nations Screen Magazine No 9 (1950)10:39939
Cross Over (1960s)15:361,470
India Speaks - Part 1 (1933)14:475,100
Colonial Williamsburg (1950s)2:481,548
Howe Caverns (1950s)2:48817
Isles Of June, Nassau (1950s)2:362,346
The Island Of Trinidad (1930s)2:494,238
New England (ca 1940)31:23938
Around And About The Marienplatz In Munich (1960s)5:341,350
The Petrified Forest (1950s)2:491,881
The Hawaiian Islands (1950s)13:242,887
Alaskan Glacier (1950s)2:411,614
Mt Rainier National Park (1950s)2:48483
Okefenokee Swamp Park (1950s)2:461,103
Painted Desert (1950s)2:35511
Gettysburg National Battlefield (1950s)2:46792
The Second Time Was Best (1960s)24:28531
East Anglian Holiday (1954)20:12703
Saint Louis, Gateway To The West (1965)22:14729
Rocky Mountain National Park (1930s)2:381,374
Last Clear Chance (1959)24:47286
Around The World In New York (1950s)13:10778
Two Weeks With Play (1950)2:4197
Bavarian Holiday (ca 1950)18:43452
The High Plain (1944)19:24237
Nassau, Bahamas (ca 1935)6:27627
The Kremlin, Moscow (ca 1955)10:46601
Aborigines of Arnhem Land, Australia, (ca 1950)12:533,602
Gold City, Johannesburg (1950s)14:40308
Down Under We Go, (ca 1950)12:231,385
New York City (1947)8:381,431
University of Southern California at Los Angeles, (ca 1940)37:70548
The Benelux Countries (ca 1950)21:36565
Ngiri, The Land Of The Water People (1950s)9:43184
Fishing In The Fjords (1940s)10:47796
Journey Through Mexico (1940s)8:12209
Hawaiian Native Life (1940)10:34528
Banff (1920s)2:53258
Peoples Of The Soviet Union (1952)37:595,149
Across The Seven Seas (1960s)25:43356
The Dutch In Latin America, ca 195511:10197
Byways Of Enchantment - South Africa (1950s)13:19301
Rugged Road To Cape Horn (1947)34:21340
Manitoba (1947)12:10323
San Francisco (1940s)2:30924
Bahamas Flamingos (1950s)2:47225
Command of the Seas - Arctic (1952)14:531,269
Borneo - Pt 1 (1937)33:341,283
Borneo - Pt 2 (1937)42:30555
Lost and Found: The Cinema of Burton Holmes12:311,549
The Blue Coast (1935)10:404,578
Life Under The Sun (1960s)17:56873
The Magic Vault - Black Giant (1932)10:17655
Dancing Nations (1931)8:541,151
Cleveland (1960s)4:36843
San Diego (1960s)4:361,123
Philadelphia (1960s)4:36369
Columbia And Venezuela (1944)10:45426
Chez Les Nomades (1950s)10:41225
Safari To Asia (1960)25:53489
Roumania (1935)10:58890
Kayaks Down The Nile (1955)26:31607
Paris Calling (1967)13:38143
The Swiss Riviera - Lake Of Geneva (1960s)10:12296
The Song of Ceylon (1934)39:43409
The New Oregon Trail (1938)12:57547
Desert Horizons (1956)28:42360
Blades of Green (1950s)16:30301
Decouverte de la France - Est et Sud Est (1950s)19:53701
The World We Live In (1956)12:23641
Norway-Denmark (1953)19:22673
A Journey in a White and Blue Balloon (1970s)29:45295
Switzerland (1960s)32:28685
Children of Switzerland (1955)10:29289
Growing Hybrid Corn (1950s)8:15139
Alaska, The 49th State (1959)15:56372
France With A French Accent (1960s)27:20306
Caribbean Home Movies (1960s)7:51225
Quebec Canada (1948)28:18274
Picturesque Nova Scotia (1948)14:36228
Mohawk Valley, 192716:17893
Venice, Italy, ca 19204:30953
Spain, ca 19204:60970
San Marino, 195922:46610

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