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LOCKDOWN LIVE – Tori Kelly, Live From Lockdown23:1549,626
Tori Kelly - Inspired by True Events (Live from Capitol Studios)31:90175,419
Tori Kelly - Inspired by True Events: Live at Capitol Studios (Trailer)0:3119,577
Tori Kelly – ‘Inspired by True Events’ Photoshoot Behind The Scenes1:7022,348
Tori Kelly - 3/2/1991 (Official Audio)0:5619,908
Tori Kelly - 3/26/1994 (Official Audio)1:2618,243
Tori Kelly - 12/16/1992 (Official Audio)0:1929,217
Tori Kelly - 8/28/1997 (Official Audio)1:1723,338
Tori Kelly - Hiding Place Tour (Recap)18:2844,461
Tori Kelly - "Blink Of An Eye" (Original)3:191,147,977
Unbreakable Tour (US Recap Part 1)4:49114,412
The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli x Tori Kelly (live in Seattle)5:574,908,306
Beautiful Things (Acoustic) - Tori Kelly x THIRDSTORY3:371,334,157
Unbreakable Tour (UK Recap)4:4549,774
the unbreakable tour + unbreakable smile repack!1:5746,061
the unbreakable tour + unbreakable smile repack!1:5719,704
Where I Belong Tour PT.6 (New Orleans, Arkansas, New York)4:2154,733
Where I Belong Tour PT.5 (Indy/Milwaukee/Memphis)3:4374,224
Suit & Tie (Live at FGI Awards)4:50410,256
William Rast Fall ’15 - Should’ve Been Us (remix)1:57105,596
City Dove (Acoustic) - Tori Surprises Jamal4:51264,350
2015 VMAS3:28361,600
Bad Blood (cover) - Tori Kelly x Miranda Sings4:146,805,016
Where I Belong Tour PT.4 (Philly/DC/NYC/LA)3:3770,473
#unbreakablesmilelive album release live stream36:23108,243
Where I Belong Tour PT.3 (MN/Chi/ATL/Nashville)3:4666,321
june 23, 2015 - release day.2:36262,4241 list
Tori Kelly + Target: #UnbreakableSmile Movement0:4188,269
Should've Been Us (Acoustic)3:50985,5741 list
Where I Belong Tour PT.2 (PDX/SEA/Vancouver/SLC/DEN)3:3056,915
Where I Belong Tour PT.1 (Anaheim/LA/San Diego/SF)2:2362,535
Where I Belong Tour (Rehearsals)3:56140,022
Tori Kelly - Debut Album Pre-Order & Tour1:2371,208
Unbreakable Smile (Pre-order Livestream)35:4089,547
Tori Kelly - Nobody Love (Snapchat Lyric Video)3:33329,0511 list
Tori Kelly - Nobody Love (Radio Tour)1:59117,123
Tori Kelly - Nobody Love (Behind The Scenes Preview)0:2961,124
single release hangz37:31132,821
1 MILLION3:45289,474
Tori Kelly - "Funny"4:222,879,1991 list
Tori Kelly - Lullaby (Rendition)4:281,167,805
Tori Kelly - Help Me Build My Album0:31125,670
Tori Kelly - 'Silent' from The Giver movie soundtrack3:583,121,329
Tori Kelly - No Diggity (Live from SXSW)2:10697,014
Christmas Medley - Tori Kelly x Amber Riley x Todrick Hall5:21785,0751 list
Candid Covers (Billboard Women in Music) - Tori Kelly0:31190,847
Tori Kelly - Dear No One (Behind The Scenes)2:36413,0781 list
#FOREWORD EP Listening Party1:00:5101 list
#FOREWORD (Full EP Stream) - Tori Kelly16:15684,3391 list
Tori Kelly 2013 FALL TOUR1:4561,046
Dear No One/No One Alicia Keys Mashup - Tori Kelly3:121,413,349
Tori Kelly - #5DaysFOREWORD1:60181,513
Tori Kelly - Dear No One (Official Lyric Video)3:181,415,4531 list
Roar by Katy Perry (Acoustic Cover) - Tori Kelly & Scott Hoying4:303,767,2471 list
Tori Kelly - In The Studio (Teaser)0:26305,213
Upside Down - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)3:20639,7761 list
Celestial - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)3:25679,3191 list
Confetti - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)3:591,190,0861 list
All In My Head - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)3:32629,5111 list
Eyelashes - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)4:27640,3661 list
Stained - Tori Kelly (Lyric Video)3:421,438,1431 list
Tori Kelly - On Tour With Jewel (BTS)4:58175,989
Fill A Heart Tour PT.3 (Miami/Nashville/Chicago)3:30134,475
Fill A Heart Tour PT.2 (DC/Philly/ATL)2:3469,075
Fill A Heart Tour PT.1 (ACMs/SF/Seattle/Boston)2:32103,613
Suit & Tie (Acoustic Cover) - Tori Kelly4:4815,054,5751 list
Tori Kelly - Stained (Wreckroom Records Acoustic)4:12537,224
Tori Kelly - Fill A Heart4:293,333,772
Tori Kelly Christmas Special LIVE on StageIt!1:3678,769
Tori Kelly - PYT by Michael Jackson (Acoustic Cover)3:173,462,314
Tori Kelly - All In My Head (Live Acoustic)4:1717,122,564
LA + CANADA SHOWS!1:3672,552
104.3 MYfm Live Acoustic - Tori Kelly2:40136,312
"Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly" EP (Sampler) - MAY 1ST5:25201,147
Thinkin Bout You (Acoustic/Beatbox Cover) - Tori Kelly & Angie Girl4:3924,496,108is in 4 lists
Mistletoe (Behind The Scenes) - Tori Kelly & AJ Rafael12:49202,139
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Tori Kelly & AJ Rafael (Cover)4:451,985,234is in 2 lists
Tori Kelly - "Tomorrow" (Annie)2:40889,757
Stop This Train - John Mayer (Tori Kelly & Passion Cover)4:231,385,746
Bring Me Home (Original) - NOW ON ITUNES!4:39868,0031 list
Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce (Tori Kelly & Todrick Hall Cover)5:377,107,6961 list
Someone Like You - Adele (Tori Kelly & Luke Edgemon Cover)6:301,652,3521 list
Tori Kelly - National Anthem1:56217,685
The Making of "Mr. Music"4:27225,186
Tori Kelly - Inspirational Medley3:70668,446
Grenade - Bruno Mars (Beatbox Cover) Tori Kelly & AngieGirl4:901,450,8301 list
This Christmas - Acappella/Beatbox (Tori Kelly & AngieGirl Cover)2:23618,208
Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna (Tori Kelly Cover)2:282,756,612
Adventure Time Theme Song2:60134,578
Tori Kelly - You Caught Me & Reach Your Heart (Originals)6:24127,681
Tori Kelly - A Cappella #43:47360,340
Tori Kelly - Reach Your Heart (Original)3:19339,148
Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill (Tori Kelly Cover)2:28426,074
Always Love You (Mother's Day Song) - Tori Kelly Original3:581,098,469
Tori Kelly - A Cappella #32:33484,152

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