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Top 10 Widely Believed Animal Facts That Are Completely Wrong11:2021,961
Top 10 Creepy Creatures of the Deep7:1539,889
Top 10 Urban Legends of Accidental Dimensional Travel15:5053,882
Overlooked Signs of an Impending US Recession12:2034,833
10 Mysterious Mass Animal Deaths9:2248,032
Top 10 Ways the United States is Becoming a Big Brother Society9:4144,956
The Worst Countries for Persecution14:2048,699
Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Our Moon9:5859,382
Top 10 Most Important Empires In World History11:4486,108
10 Terrible Things the USA Did to its Own Citizens10:3692,788
Everything You Need to Know About the Vandals12:5446,110
Debunking Famous Myths About Harriet Tubman11:3739,170
Facts About Hitler You Probably Didn’t Know11:3596,312
Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters8:5198,521
The Most Successful Military Tactics Ever Used in Battle12:12112,967
Top 10 Greatest Warriors12:4768,928
Tourist Destinations Made Famous Through Pop Culture10:5648,668
The True Stories Behind Historical Mass Panics13:4283,205
10 People Who Accidentally Saved Their Own Lives6:56105,143
Top 10 Convictions That Were Overturned10:5032,715
10 Tales From American Folklore That Are Completely Misunderstood13:16115,467
The Global Impact of the Year Without a Summer16:4168,779
Shocking Facts About the British Empire...11:80115,661
Top 10 Ways the Universe Could End12:7056,269
Top 10 Countries Without Military Forces9:4160,532
Camp David’s Unique Role in American History11:3544,958
Top 10 Famous People Who Died In Car Accidents8:26151,626
10 Bizarre Death Predictions That Came True8:5788,914
Top 10 Movies Better Than The Book9:1041,382
The Tech World’s Most Embarrassing Product Failures9:23104,915
Scientific Experiments That Went Terribly Wrong11:3289,509
These Truths Are Stranger Than Fiction13:36181,962
Top 10 Harsh Realities of Life During the Age of Discovery9:3868,331
10 Outrageous Misadventures of New Jersey Man10:1480,067
10 Shocking Facts About Ancient Greece You May Not Have Known11:36126,471
10 Epic Natural Disasters From Throughout History11:3957,702
US Government Programs That Went Horribly Wrong11:5298,179
The World’s Most Powerful Navies16:6098,812
10 Fascinating Mysteries of Mars9:8084,619
Top 10 Strange Tales of Skulls and Bones12:31101,441
10 of History’s Strangest Maps10:21113,343
10 Bizarre Mysteries of the Sea12:50153,622
10 Family Feuds Just as Deadly as the Hatfields and McCoys13:48114,330
10 Embarrassing Missteps Big Businesses Hope You’ve Forgotten16:18116,592
10 Brutal Realities of Life in the Middle Ages11:38205,456
10 Amazing And Slightly Crazy Do It Yourself Tanks10:3067,800
Bizarre and Memorable Deaths from History12:10180,644
10 Eccentric Royals From Throughout History11:53111,807
World War II Myths We Still Believe10:3688,460
10 Incredible Facts About the Akkadian Empire11:2170,562
10 Mad Facts About the Praying Mantis10:2870,726
The World’s Most Dangerous and Ruthless Hackers12:5384,367
Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold10:3651,424
10 More Horrifying Archaeological Discoveries12:32409,200
The World’s Weirdest Political Figures13:17104,275
10 Elite Mercenary Forces Of The Modern World10:27106,454
10 Filthy Rich People Who Lost Their Fortunes9:57109,656
Top 10 Tacky Wealth Flaunts5:3852,301
10 Myths About the CIA You Probably Believe14:8086,256
10 Crazy Gambling Wins and the Stories Behind Them11:5041,533
History’s Most Notorious Gladiators13:36161,163
Top 10 Terrifying Canadians of Historical Infamy13:18216,823
10 Catastrophic Failures of the Pharmaceutical Industry9:2076,407
These Researchers Conducted Crazy Experiments… on Themselves14:7080,434
What Does the CIA Look For in a Recruit?14:3456,372
The World’s Most Powerful Air Forces18:4382,177
10 of Nature’s Exceptional Eyeless Animals10:4831,065
The Radium Girls: America’s Darkest Secret Lost in History11:5675,343
Top 10 Most Extreme Substances8:00112,288
Top 10 Movies That Changed The World9:9090,382
Top 10 Unusual Prisons8:34609,768
10 Fascinating Facts About the Battle of Waterloo11:1846,646
10 of History’s Deadliest Wars10:9078,569
World’s Most Incredible Underwater Volcanoes8:3942,944
Top 10 Crimes Made Possible By The Internet14:3353,496
The Freemasons Friendly Fraternity or Fiendish Fellows?10:22126,302
10 Surprising Facts About Death Row10:15155,528
10 of the Strangest or Scariest Political Cults in History13:18122,687
More Incredible True Stories That Should be Movies12:34123,986
What Viking Ship Secrets Have We Recently Discovered?11:2571,484
10 Amazing Things… That Actually Kinda Suck11:21106,025
10 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Roaches10:2250,528
What Are the Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century?7:4637,067
10 Fascinating Facts About Amazon Warriors10:1479,941
10 Traits You Didn’t Realize Were Genetic9:1986,614
10 Inventions Inspired by Science Fiction9:6054,604
10 Insane Methods of Space Travel We Might See One Day8:4358,253
History’s Most Incredible Ancient Warriors10:3190,352
10 Animal Candidates for Genetic Resurrection8:2062,728
10 Drugs That You Won’t Believe Used to Be Legal8:8052,527
Top 10 Brutal Medical Cures13:3559,780
Top 10 Unbreakable Ciphers and Codes9:4776,014
10 Terrifying Sleep Facts to Loose Sleep Over13:8048,322
10 of the Strangest Programs Run by the NSA13:5560,095
Top 10 Lost Cryptocurrency Fortunes12:1029,799
Top 10 Mysterious World Landmarks14:7095,987
The Darwin Awards: Honorable Mention Idiocy10:32273,298
Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World8:3258,984
Top 10 Bizarre and Unusual Tragedies12:6070,323
Top 10 Typos That Almost Changed the World10:23127,657

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