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Introducing Dare Nuage! #DareERC WINNER1:532,400
Daring To Edit: Week 38 - Powered by @AzioCorp1:411,296
I'll Wait by Dare TPatt2:16840
Slow Down by Dare Geazy0:501,008
Phonk it Up by Dare Joneszeh2:10853
Daring to Edit: Week 37 [Week 36 Results] #DTEWeek372:101,553
Social Grinder by Dare Raijin1:40809
Mirrors by Dare TS1:34660
Daring to Edit: Week 36! [Week 35 Results] #DTEWeek360:511,161
#DareERC Round 1 Results + Round 2 Info4:603,076
Dare Editing RC! Round 1 #DareERC1:413,672
Untitled by Dare Simmie0:392,932
Daring To Edit: Week 35! #DTEReturns1:381,710
DareRising 200K Editors Recruitment Challenge Results! #DareERC5:803,570
Dare 200k Editor Recruitment Challenge Results! (Round 1)4:476,453
Ionosphere by Dare Pressure0:411,898
Oblectatio by Dare Pressure!0:311,470
Dare 200,000 Subscriber Editor Recruitment Challenge! #DareERC2:417,994
Mirage by Dare GMS0:382,000
Timelord 2 by Dare GMS1:901,600
Swimming Pools by Dare Mentor0:261,883
Daring To Edit Week 34! [Week 33 Results]6:505,121
Chill x3 by Dare Mentor0:381,438
Sorrow v3 by Dare KNG!0:411,644
"White" by Dare KNG0:292,462
Daring to Edit Week 33! [Week 32 Results]3:225,356
Pursuit of Elysium by Eban1:605,896
Daring to Edit Week 32! [Week 31 Results]4:288,337
Obey Vezph by Dare Cristo1:303,293
Mental Disruption by Dare Eban1:503,223
Dare Editors 'Sniper' Recruitment Challenge!1:145,247
They Want - By Artsy0:302,834
Sleep Alone. by Dare Cristo0:503,337
Daring to Edit Week 31! [Week 30 Results]8:398,433
Ð. Blizzard by Dare Dayn0:311,987
Triforce by Dare GMS1:202,229
Stromae. by Dare Cristo0:322,882
Daring to Edit Week 30! (RC Special) [Week 29 Results]5:5310,097
Dare Editors Team Q&A! Thanks for 12k14:101,365
AGGRESSION by Dare Bassline0:582,309
Daring to Edit Week 29 [Week 28 Results]4:486,912
Freedom by Dare Warbhack0:271,995
Daring to Edit Week 28 [Week 27 Results]2:575,726
Hold On by Dare Dirty0:263,412
.Injection by Dare Warbhack0:502,225
Daring to Edit Week 27 [MW2] (Week 26 Results + RC Winners)4:226,046
Dare Editors Recruitment Challenge - Stage 2 Results! (Introducing Stage 3)4:702,264
Blood Shake by Dare Mentor1:501,815
Daring to Edit Week 261:203,891
Dare Editors Recruitment Challenge Results! (Stage 2: Semi-Finals)2:452,660
Dare Editors RC "Highlights Montage" - by Dare Unreal1:602,114
Creation by Dare Mentor1:001,906
.Evolution by Dare Warbhack0:542,327
Daring to Edit Week 25 [Results] & Recruitment Challenge Update6:254,623
DareCams 100 Trailer by Dare Mentor1:561,782
Dare Editors Recruitment Challenge: Stage 1 - The Initials2:005,077
Young & Wealthy by Dreams0:221,955
FaZe Fakie by Stock2:332,667
WPYE by Dare Mentor0:202,052
Daring to Edit Week 25 [Week 24 Results]4:495,510
Say My Name by Dare Unreal0:432,067
Daring to Edit Week 24 [Week 23 Results]4:266,235
Nightmares by Dare Aeroh1:002,247
Xentious v2 by Dare Mentor0:431,506
Wolf by Dare Flux0:431,485
Daring To Edit Week 23 - Ghost Special! [Week 22 Results]4:309,289
The Dare Editors TeamTage!3:172,285
Daring To Edit Week 22 [Week 21 Results]5:317,532
Stranger By Dare Stock0:211,812
Moment of Truth by Dare Bassic2:801,974
Daring to Edit Week 211:224,436
Dare Branjo C2Q by Dare Lioh0:451,405
Daring to Edit Week 20 Results!8:475,936
BEAR by Dare Stock0:272,446
Coefr #2 by Dare Dayn0:441,792
Force by Dare Mentor0:311,760
Daring To Edit Week 20 Update! [Responses]1:183,404
Coefr #1 by Dare Dayn0:311,955
Remedy By Dare Kind0:382,713
Daring To Edit Week 20 Special Edition [Week 19 Results]5:129,960
Equinox by Dare Flux0:431,292
NO VASELINE By Dare Dreams0:212,068
Daring To Edit Week 19 [Week 18 Results]5:206,739
WPYE #64 by Dare Dayn0:391,885
Daring To Edit Week 18 [Week 17 Results]4:607,577
Black Balloon 2 by Dare Storm1:14752
Serenity by Dare Kind0:461,147
Fractal By Dare Mecoh1:271,754
Come On by Dare Flux0:351,787
Bad Bitchez by Dare Xamie0:303,299
Daring To Edit Week 17 [Week 16 Results]3:387,606
WPYE #63 By Dare Dayn0:402,304
Xentious by Dare Mentor0:421,746
Sanity by Dare Aeroh0:572,364
The Dare Editing Team [Update]7:412,257
Daring To Edit Week 16 [Week 15 Results]7:387,501
'Lose Myself' by Dare Unreal0:341,470
Veracity by Dare Kind0:281,175
Dare Nahz C2Q by Dare Fritz0:461,901
I Need A Hug #2 By Dare Lioh0:49825

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