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Minecraft | 3Fast3Furious 3x3 Door! [Tutorial]12:1610,367
Minecraft | Tileable Full-Auto Melon/Pumpkin Farm! [Showcase]3:177,451
Minecraft Quick & Easy Combo Lock! [Tutorial]9:486,398
Minecraft FAST & Tiny 3x3 Door! [Tutorial]9:3216,501
NEW VIDEOS?? // Twitter // Server // Update1:511,778
Minecraft Pocket-Sized Chicken Farm! [Tutorial]9:355,316
Compact and Speedy Portcullis Mk2! [Tutorial]16:377,760
Secret Regenerating Stone Input! [Tutorial]4:309,6441 list
The Firecase // Fireplace Staircase! [Tutorial]8:3583,976
Tiny And Fast 4x4 Door! [Tutorial] *10x3x9!11:3477,063
Royal Armor Stand Wardrobe! [Tutorial]10:5414,8451 list
Hidden 3x3 Spiral Staircase [Tutorial] *Expandable & Compact!11:5242,8831 list
The Aquavator Mk2! [Tutorial] READ DESCRIPTION8:4932,3801 list
Compact 3x3 Mk4, Button-Activated! [Tutorial]8:1513,9381 list
[Broken] How to Make Your Sorting System Have Infinite Storage!7:14154,6071 list
3x3 "Zeus Door" Mk2 *It's 90 Blocks!1:4412,3221 list
Simple & Compact 2-Way Repeater! [Tutorial]3:5012,5291 list
Virtually Infinite Storage & Sorting System! [Tutorial] *Compact!19:15592,7191 list
Tileable DUD - Data Update Detector! *Tutorial5:4220,5071 list
The New Face of Redstone Innovation!3:807,226
1.5+ Ultra-Compact 3x3 Door! [Tutorial]5:398,9491 list
1.5+ Compact Hidden Crafting Bench or Whatever! [Tutorial]4:4483,7821 list
1.5+ Hipster Door! [Tutorial] *Fast and Compact!9:1554,2791 list
1.5+ Hidden Staircase! [Tutorial] *Compact!!!1!11!9:5516,3511 list
Innovation Hour - Episode 3: Building the 6x6 [4/6 to 4/7/13]3:09:270
Innovation Hour - Episode 2: Hipster Door! [4/6/13]2:40:420
Innovation Hour - Episode 1: Hidden Stairs [3/20/13]1:00:700
Livestream Test 3/12/13: The Spliff Arena2:19:400
[Broken] SMALLEST 3x3 Door! *It's 90 Blocks!5:469,607
Modular Signal Strength Counter! [Tutorial]20:903,9031 list
The Subjective Gate: Comparator Logic! [Tutorial]6:266,0991 list
Wet Hands (piano2) by C4181:434,810
"The Aquavator" Compact Water Elevator! [Tutorial]16:5721,286
[Broken] 13w02a TNT Minecart Nuke [Tutorial] :D13:5342,385
Snapshot Special 13w02a: Explosions!6:102,157
Snapshot Special: 13w01b!29:572,963
Compact Redstone Torch Randomizer! [Tutorial]5:1725,100
[Broken] Ultra Compact 3x3 Lamp Door! [Tutorial]10:597,498
[Broken] RI's COMPACT Hipster Bridge! [Tutorial]11:157,408
Message to Mojang4:486,085
[Broken] Hipster Door Mk2! [Tutorial] *Compact!9:489,114
Hidden Enchanting Room! [Tutorial] *AWESOME! :D18:3618,5161 list
[Broken] 246 High Inf. Expandable Sand Door :D9:159,758
Snapshot Special: 1.4 Prerelease Bugs!9:334,914
Winteg8's Ultimate Hidden Chest [Tutorial]12:526,692
[Broken] Compact 2 From the Floor Door [Tutorial] *It's Bukkit-Proof!7:148,618
[Broken] Compact 2x2 Hidden Seamless Jeb Door! [Tutorial]6:549,353
[Broken] Compact 4x4 Mk2 [Tutorial] *It's 3 Wide!14:417,586
Compact Tileable Furnace BUD Array! [Tutorial]13:606,337
Hidden Up/Down Stairs In the Wall! [Tutorial] *Compact!15:3412,403
Another Collection of 3x3s! [Tutorial]14:286,211
Redstone Innovation's Fixes for 1.3.15:513,114
Compact and Fast Binary Counter!! [1.3]5:163,529
[Broken] Compact Hidden Crafting Bench or Whatever! :D [Tutorial]6:3811,769
Compact 5x5 Tutorial Part 2 of 2 [ADVANCED REDSTONE]43:308,111
Compact 5x5 Tutorial Part 1 of 2!! [ADVANCED REDSTONE]31:3212,805
Mega World Save + 6x6 World Save!!!5:504,104
[Broken] Compact 3x3 Mk 3, FAST!!! [Tutorial]13:4515,280
Minecraft Snapshot 12w27a, New Piston Timings8:535,208
Compact 4x4 Timing Fix [Makes it in sync and faster!]2:383,301
3x3 + 4x4 Seamless Trapdoors! [Tutorials] *Fast and Compact!22:3814,611
Moar 3x3 Action! [One Wide, Tileable, Mk3, etc] +MegaWorldSave Updates9:6011,721
[1.2.5] Seamless 6x6 Piston Door! [1000 Sub Special!]15:1151,945
Finalized 5x5 Piston Door! *Seamless, Super Compact!10:2636,990
Near-Instant Compact T-Flip Flop! [Tutorial]4:3028,121
[Broken] Expandable 2 High Door From the CEILING!! *Compact!16:463,931
Expandable 2 High Door From the GROUND (Hipster Door) *Compact!15:348,361
5x5 Seamless Piston Door [Showcase] *Outdated6:4836,667
Hidden Door-Opening BUD Switch! [Tutorial] (Redstone Torch Key)8:4114,227
Ultra COMPACT 4x4 Piston Door! [Tutorial]10:3335,607
[Broken] 3x2 Hidden Seamless Flush Door, Fast and Compact! [Tutorial]29:237,414
[Broken] Compact and Speedy Portcullis! [Tutorial]26:1867,383
[Broken] Minecraft Ultra Simple 4x4 Door! [Tutorial]16:109,588
3x3 Door in 115 secs! +Updates7:402,096
Minecraft Smallest Ever Digital Clock (For Reals!) [Showcase]4:4610,311
Minecraft XOR Spotlight Video! [With Tutorial]8:901,162
Minecraft 3x3 Piston Door, Super Simple and Compact! [Tutorial]7:5122,828
Design Challenge - 3x3 Sand/Gravel Door! Ep 15:504,066
Minecraft 3x3 Super Compact Hidden Door [Tutorial]17:2013,084
1.0 And UP Fixes for 254160's 4x4 Door1:30888
[Obsolete] Smallest 2x2 Piston Door, No Underground Wiring! [Tutorial]3:4830,775
[Broken] Minecraft Rapid Fire Dispensers (Vanilla!)2:001,460

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