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An "old school" rant3:29708,278
Man-Up! (MV)1:34284,708
Texting 1013:31968,025
Kevin Wu Reel5:20239,798
"YOUTH REPRESENT" LIVE (Internet Power!)2:18315,489
September ft. PapaJumba1:27509,699
Internet Power0:59360,365
Celebrities - Michael Jackson to Lindsay Lohan4:30805,071
Looks Determine Everything, Even on YouTube =/5:701,549,380
Lazy Me - Ep 5 "Meet Horny"3:521,650,7331 list
THIS IS HOME.3:802,100,478
Commitment Issues3:211,021,915
Lazy Me - Ep 4 "Irresistibly Hot"4:34641,8071 list
Lazy Me - Ep 3 "The EX"3:28596,6971 list
"My Dad is Asian" Ep. 54:401,767,173
Growing Up [VLOG]2:43638,352
My Dad is Asian Ep. 42:311,810,109
My Dad is Asian Ep. 33:102,772,665
Ask KevJumba 44:401,048,645
Living Alone3:542,445,231
No More Mr. Nice Guy2:121,334,517
Mr. Lonely2:472,234,183
100th Video // HANG LOOSE2:22920,033
PSY wants to KILL ME!4:182,040,217
Hang Loose - Official Trailer2:43775,451
Ghetto Music Makes Me Crazy3:121,872,746
My New Son Jeremy Lin4:223,653,548
Mullet boy1:531,494,223
High School Virgin3:532,568,178
Totem Poles are Stupid2:291,788,035
Lazy Me - Ep 22:441,931,2171 list
Action Star1:301,456,659
Lazy Me - Ep 13:292,094,9971 list
Biggest Cockblock3:706,850,626
Waking Summer4:141,713,241
My Dad is Asian Ep. 21:514,209,502
What NOT to say to Girls pt.11:554,193,180
My Dad Taught me...2:453,391,346
What is a True Friend?3:184,795,524
Ho Ho Ho2:313,423,055
Friend Zone ft. Jamie Chung2:447,105,664
2,000,000 Subscribers1:572,336,786
I'm not cool3:127,806,3701 list
Mama's Boy3:136,532,341
NICE GUYS2:3626,293,141
ASK KevJumba 22:206,165,392
Never Say Never: The KevJumba Story (In 3D)2:104,549,614
Sex and Tutors2:363,467,165
What We HATE About Each Other pt. 22:355,486,342
KevJumba VS Globetrotters3:573,267,067
Getting Jiggy with the Jumbas3:332,779,947
Shed a Tear (Official)2:5111,374,766
Russian Mystery5:601,875,516
I Fell in Love with a Russian Babushka4:351,485,863
Jumping off a Bridge in Norway4:221,838,415
I Forgot My Buttpads4:312,380,781
Were not Ghana Make it3:551,970,439
I Hate Tiny Boats2:291,952,087
That's not gay!2:507,573,374
Amazing Race - Support TeamJumba!1:591,544,913
My Dad is Asian Ep.12:905,822,7051 list
Dance to this Song (Official)5:804,735,196
KevJumba vs. IYAZ3:172,632,483
Alpha Kenny Body2:365,029,509
FITNESS Trainer!4:322,823,485
Stadium EXPLOSION!2:241,695,605
Asians Aren't Short!3:173,037,881
Ridiculous Lyrics!3:585,044,3671 list
Most Exciting Job EVER!4:363,297,545
A Christmas Greeting3:502,194,840
What we HATE about Each Other6:206,448,760
My Dad is NOT a DILF4:503,173,834
Girls are Like M&M's3:275,955,8571 list
Elbow Zit2:102,545,954
Asians Just Aren't Cool Enough?2:536,183,656
Gifts from my Parents2:471,688,343
What I Hate About College3:454,995,998
The Next Big Music Artist4:702,099,217
I Love My Dad4:365,492,586
Back to School4:422,303,6331 list
College Here I Come!4:302,255,176
The Stare: Jessica Alba Responds!!! (Link in Description)2:233,617,836
I Challenge Baron Davis5:002,854,199
Ask KevJumba5:8015,279,695
Five Facts about KevJumba4:444,695,948
The Good and the Bad5:201,596,605
Butthash Hero3:491,722,609

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