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Last Year Afterdark | All Cosmetics and Customization24:294,757
Last Year Afterdark | What's New and Gameplay!16:561,068
Flutes & Glitches | Friday the 13th The Game8:481,346
Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy - Overview & The Oni First Match!16:451,345
Two-Seater Challenge - CRAZY ENDING!! | Friday the 13th: The Game15:531,080
We Revisit Friday the 13th The Game! Is it Still Good?24:531,488
Our Wedding Cake Tasting!10:70875
First Live Proposal on DLive?! - Kang + Alyssa4:541,582
RIP Etika7:322,320
Playing My Old TERRIBLE Super Mario Maker Levels!22:52826
Dead by Daylight 3 Year Anniversary2:02:451,562
Super Mario Maker Content is Coming!2:50475
Dauntless | PS4, Xbox, Epic PC Crossplay! | 1080P 60FPS5:16:308,801
YouTube Live is Bad | Why I think Fortnite Killed It23:36692
Mornings with Kang | Cooking and Talking1:37:58753
Try Not To Laugh Hot Sauce and Bean Boozled Challenge!21:35728
Dead by Daylight | Endgame Coming?! | 1080P 60FPS1:31:201,610
Mario Kart with Viewers! Fitness Wheel Challenge?! | Twitter - @KangGaming1:02:47520
The Kangdom Season 3 starts! Fitness Wheel Challenge?! | Twitter - @KangGaming3:57:53966
The Kang and Alyssa show! Co-Op fun! | Twitter - @KangGaming3:34:371,234
Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape | New Game! | 1080P 60FPS3:44:511,169
Days Gone! | Part 2 - Deacon Yells at Zombies | 1080P 60FPS2:31:53894
Days Gone! | Time to Rekt Some Zombies! | 1080P 60FPS3:00:401,487
Dead by Daylight | The Kangdom is Back! Future Plans + More! | 1080P 60FPS1:52:251,812
I'm Dropping my Twitch Partnership! | Returning to YouTube!6:301,705
The Division 2! Let's Take Back Washington, D.C. | Part 1 | Twitch Highlight26:70491
Resident Evil 2 - The Ghost Survivors (No Time to Mourn, Runaway, Forgotten Soldier) Walkthroughs52:17625
I'm Bad at Apex Legends | The Kangdom Hype! - Monthly Prizes & Giveaways!7:42912
The Division 2 Beta | First Mission - Dawn's Early Light | Skills, Perks and Game Overview24:21764
How to Use Xsplit Vcam!7:214,281
2019 Channel Update! - Discord, Games & More!11:16502
THIS IS SCARY! | Resident Evil 2 Remake Part 1 - The Beginning!19:22599
Resident Evil 2 Remake - We Got The Ending! | PC and PS4 Versions53:511,245
Belly Flopping with King K. Rool | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Match Highlights #1!12:281,242
Bowser Match vs Try Hard | The Kangdom Daily Smash Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament w/ Prizes!!5:221,394
Dead by Fortnite | DBD - Playing with Viewers | Channel Revival #22:31:452,583
Last Year: The Nightmare! | How to Play and Win as The Killer! (Strangler and Slasher)23:1811,211
Last Year: The Nightmare | 5 Minute Killer Match!5:461,047
Last Year: The Nightmare | DBD Pro Goes In! | Channel Revival #12:38:103,481
Last Year: The Nightmare | Don't Teabag the Killer! (Strategy and Tips)9:583,069
Last Year: The Nightmare | Survivor Overview + Tips and Tricks11:003,949
The Blackout Club Intro | The Scariest Co-Op Horror Game?!42:26844
Dead by Daylight! DBD Halloween Edition!20:511,153
IS THIS UNDERTALE 2?! What is Delta Rune?! | Gameplay Part 129:20978
Red Dead Redemption 2 | Cinematic Stream Playthrough Part 14:16:42468
Secret Neighbor! | I'm a Pumpkin!6:13416
World's Greatest Dead by Daylight Player [*Totally Not Clickbait*]19:251,375
Desperate Dead Channel Plays Roblox4:451,022
Dead Channel | Deleting | Fortnite's Ninja Killed My Channel :(11:363,897
New Stream Intro!2:52778
I made a New Channel?!1:492,184
Shadow of the Tomb Raider | First Three Hours!2:48:48765
We're coming back to YouTube! | Massive Game Giveaways! (Fallout 76, Super Smash Bros, DBD + more!)2:461,311
Spider-Man vs Sinister Six | Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 20189:112,654
Marvel's Spider-Man! | First Three Hours! | PS42:49:57907
More Wins! Getting Better? | Dying Light: Bad Blood9:57609
New BR! | Dying Light: Bad Blood | First match! We won?! #DyingLightBadBlood #Twitch #BattleRoyale10:401,452
Two Point Hospital Playthrough Part 1! | Hogsport \\ AMAZING GAME!!53:70573
Goofing with The Spirit! | Dead by Daylight14:601,036
Dead by Daylight x Frozen Karaoke | vs The Spirit15:221,145
Dead by Daylight | The Spirit - Pallet Destroyer BEST BUILD?! | First Match + Mori!!14:194,108
Dead by Daylight NEW KILLER! The Spirit! | First Look Reaction!5:2343,278
We Happy Few Ep. 2 | Free Joy Pills!4:36:10937
We Happy Few Ep. 1 | Don't Forget to Take Your Joy Pill!2:33:591,008
The Walking Dead: The Final Season! | Episode 12:26:291,173
Dead by Daylight! | I'm Bringing Horror Back | 1080p 60FPS!2:13:403,489
Dead by Daylight - Blindest Killer Ever?! | Stream Highlight21:411,467
Dead by Daylight 2.1.0 PTB! Massive Changes! | Twitch Archive5:34:481,276
Major Dead by Daylight Update! | DBD 2.1.0 PTB | Live!4:302,979
Deathgarden | Is This a Win?! Runner Gameplay | Stream Highlight9:151,431
Deathgarden | Hunter Rampage! | Stream Highlight10:31869
Frostpunk Preview! We Can Save Them! | 1st and 2nd Playthrough!6:28:24948
Eyes Closed and Win?! | Dead by Daylight Highlight!16:112,232
Expert Trolling & Jukes! | Dead by Daylight Highlight!9:411,995
Dead by Daylight | New Emblem System Discussion and Thoughts!! PTB THIS WEEKEND!14:532,881
Deceit - Most Deceitful Match Ever!8:311,568
Dead by Daylight - Do You Wanna Play a Game? | The Pig Saw DLC15:803,452
Sea of Thieves! | Drunken Bucket Toss, Stealing Ships & Epic Battles!40:11940
Dead by Daylight - The Saw Chapter Preview | LIVE TONIGHT!6:572,703
Darwin Project - Intense Match!15:29856
SOS | Founder's Packs Overview! | Order of the Relic3:40816
Slay the Spire #1! FIRST RUN!1:58:21569
[FUNNY HIGHLIGHT!] Girlfriend Plays Until Dawn For The First Time!4:111,308
Weird Easter Egg/Water Glitch in Getting Over It!10:11847,084
Live Now! - Getting Over It! + Nintendo Switch Giveaway! + Sub Goals!2:202,053
Dead by Daylight | Rekting Trolls as Freddy and Surviving | Danganronpa V3 After! | 1080p 60FPS!1:12:803,527
Dead by Daylight! | NEW UPDATE! Freddy Nerfed? | Nintendo Switch Giveaway! | 1080p 60FPS!1:24:403,401
Jackbox 4! COME JOIN! Fibbage! Monster Seeking Monster! Bracketerring! | 1080p 60FPS!1:04:38997
Dead by Daylight! Let's Go! Freddy Krueger! Nintendo Switch Giveaway! | 1080p 60FPS!1:12:213,616
SOS! Back on the Island! Code Giveaways! | 1080p 60FPS!1:01:442,152
Dead by Daylight! More Freddy Krueger Action! | 1080p 60FPS!1:19:323,954
Super Mario Odyssey! Post-Game Secrets + Nintendo Switch Giveaway! | 1080p 60FPS!1:01:402,024
Dead by Daylight! | Kang is Back?! Nintendo Switch Giveaway! | Prestiging Freddy! | 1080p 60FPS1:57:476,499
Super Mario Odyssey! - Part 2! | Ending + Post-Game Secrets!6:33:381,801
Super Mario Odyssey ! - Part 1 - 100% Run?! Let's Start!4:18:133,923
Channel Update! - Twitch/YouTube | Wolfenstein II! | Super Mario Odyssey!5:421,039
The Evil Within 2! | Chapter 4+! All Side-Quests! LIVE ARCHIVE!3:22:34697
Doki Doki Literature Club | This Game is NOT What It Seems... | HORROR TWITCH ARCHIVE5:45:117,744
The Evil Within 2 Early Look! | Chapters 1 - 3 All Side-Quests! | LIVESTREAM ARCHIVE5:30:521,739
Day at the Salvador Dali Museum! | Live Vlog ARCHIVE!33:41526

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