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Charlie headboy speech7:3466,447
Charlie Bit Me Christmas Special 2016 featuring Nana and Pops2:45291,918
Harry, Charlie and Japser - Big Zip Wire Fun3:54195,493
Catchup Harry, Charlie, Jasper, Rupert4:18199,927is in 3 lists
Top Gear Renault ZOE EV Harry Charlie and Jasper Style1:50879,2811 list
Charlie Bit the family Renault ZOE EV2:302,862,804is in 3 lists
Isle of Wight Holiday 2013 - Part24:30882,9221 list
Isle of Wight Holiday 2013 - Part16:20945,5711 list
YouTube Competition - Help Harry and Charlie win if you can1:125,403,2641 list
Life in a Day Submission1:43596,526
Slide and Glide - Bowood Play Area4:50768,0621 list
Splash Down - The Hottest Day of the Year 20123:905,965,4941 list
Our Greek Holiday 20125:576,801,9261 list
Log Wrestling Charlie Harry and Jasper4:18418,8131 list
Popcorn - Charlie Bit Me2:391,571,0931 list
Water Slides 2012 - Charlie Bit Me - Longleat Center Parcs4:111,112,843is in 2 lists
Charlie Bit Me - Knight Day - I don't want to die - our real life Skyrim4:39503,4291 list
Long Grass Lions3:00569,7341 list
Charlie Bit Legoland 1001:43820,942
Charlie Bit Me - Autotuned0:308,938,2811 list
I'm Not Frightened Of That One5:60582,4681 list
Elevator Etiquette Harry Style1:13644,1941 list
Music Fun LaDiDa1:452,783,2881 list
Smile for Charlie0:21548,4621 list
Climbing and Building In the Woods3:51278,8461 list
Scoot By0:31688,1441 list
Charlie Bit Star Wars3:431,025,8221 list
Roller Coaster Charlie in LegoLand UK1:511,003,5101 list
A Conversation with Harry and Charlie 'Born HIV Free' - Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!1:26555,5091 list
Born HIV Free - Make Your Voice Heard - Harry and Charlie ask you to help0:51250,598
A Quiet Couple of Months - Harry, Charlie and Jasper1:421,847,3941 list
Harry and Charlie (and Jasper too) - Holiday is Wales 20102:34676,2761 list
Harry and Charlie - Running in the Leaves0:44588,4701 list
Charlie Bit Me - German TV Interview aka 'Jasper Bit Me'2:502,553,542is in 2 lists
Harry and Charlie - Mummy is not always right - Sledding1:251,326,7631 list
Working with Harry and Charlie2:538,821,5371 list
Charlie Bit Me - Driving Jasper4:175,283,9381 list
Charlie Bit Me - Waves2:29945,024
Charlie Bit Me '100000000'4:351,657,746
Try Again - Harry, Charlie and Jasper0:477,058,9661 list
Just Harry playing in a local park!0:311,345,0521 list
Just Charlie playing with his scooter0:314,031,7571 list
Cute baby Jasper playing with the camera2:173,698,1201 list
Harry and Charlie - Going nowhere Fast2:461,162,6781 list
Harry and Charlie and Holly - The Sand Monster2:201,755,4581 list
Harry, Charlie and Jasper - Jasper wants to eat my jumper3:805,450,4961 list
Charlie Bit My Finger - Regional News - Introducing Jasper3:162,641,1781 list
Charlie Bit Me - The First TV Interview - Richard and Judy3:0017,387,7371 list
Harry and Charlie - Trampoline Terrors6:242,412,762
Harry and Charlie - When Porcupines and Dinosaurs Attack2:232,108,9671 list
Harry and Charlie - Popping Mad2:394,401,5911 list
Harry Discusses - Gravity0:592,815,0931 list
Charlie bit my finger - The Accident1:3146,786,4581 list
Charlie Commando Training2:132,141,0191 list
Harry - Mr Tickles0:179,240,2871 list
Charlie bit my finger - again !0:56814,199,696is in 12 lists

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