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Guinness: Liberty Fields1:100
Liberty Fields | The Pioneers of Women's Rugby4:440
Hop House 13 (German)0:310
Hop House 13 - Mural TV ad (2019)0:400
Guinness - Sisters0:310
The Perfect Pour0:160
Meet our Master Brewer0:150
It Isn't a Beer0:170
Making the Switch0:150
Extra Cold0:110
Purest Water0:160
Guinness - The Purse1:310
Guinness: New Guinness Clear - launch TV0:310
Guinness – Bound Together0:310
Guinness: The Peacekeepers of Compton1:560
Guinness - Open Gate Pure Brew0:310
Guinness: Compton Cowboys (Full Version)1:310
Guinness: Compton Cowboys1:100
Guinness: The Cowboys of Compton3:200
Guinness: The Horses of Compton1:320
Guinness: The People of Compton1:320
Guinness: The Two Sides of Compton1:320
Guinness - The GAA, Moses 20"0:210
Guinness - The GAA, Maurice 20"0:210
Guinness - The GAA, Simon 20"0:210
Guinness - The GAA, Wendy 20"0:210
Guinness - Behind Every Great Town...0:310
Hop House 13 - John Kavanagh0:260
Hop House 13 - McCarthy's0:260
Hop House 13 - Sam's Barbers0:260
Hop House 13 - Brennan's Criterion Bar0:260
Guinness Recipes – Robin Gill’s smoked salmon & Guinness soda bread, horseradish and rooftop herbs.1:500
Guinness Recipes – Robin Gill’s Golden Ale & oat biscuits served with Old Ford cheese and honey1:400
Guinness Recipes – Robin Gill’s 65-day-aged seared beef and herb salad with rock oyster dressing1:300
#GuinnessSummit – The Open Gate Brewery, St James’s Gate2:140
Arthur Guinness Projects | Winning Projects 2013 VNR1:340
Arthur Guinness Projects | Magazine | #arthurguinnessprojects1:130
Arthur Guinness Projects | New Binary Press Book Publishing, Cork | #arthurguinnessprojects1:160
Arthur's Day 2013 Details Announced1:470
Arthur Guinness Projects | Wreckless Indoor Skatepark Gorey, Wexford | #arthurguinnessprojects1:160
Arthur Guinness Projects | Trad: The Irish Music Experience | #arthurguinnessprojects1:160
Arthur Guinness Projects | Mushroom City | #arthurguinnessprojects1:330
Win a Trip To Dublin on St.Patrick's Weekend - Guinness Class1:100
St. James's Gate Vessels On Night Convoy Through Dublin1:200
Arthur Guinness Day 2012 - Max Gazzè - Evento Finale2:420
Arthur Guinness Day 2012 - Max Gazzè - Evento Lancio2:100
Arthur's Day 2012: Full 3D projections4:120
London raises a toast for Arthur's Day1:100
Fly Guinness Class to Dublin - Guinness Ad0:580
Arthur Guinness Day 2012 - Max Gazzè - Intervista2:200

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