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Lego Millennium Falcon Build w/ Forrest & Alyssa PART 23:27:327,760
Lego Green Lantern2:53127,941
Lego Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul: Desert Duel2:28183,059
Lego Batman Rises | FULL MOVIE16:31154,525
Lego Batman Rises (Ep. 4/4)10:31339,402
Lego Batman Triumphant (Ep. 3/4)2:31499,284
Lego Batman Returns (Ep. 2/4)2:47639,769
Eames & Berry Pilot (Pt. 2/2) | ForrestFire Films | Disney XD by Maker6:47126,199
Lego Batman Retires (Ep. 1/4)1:44637,186
Suicide Squad IN LEGO!0:425,508,855
Eames & Berry Pilot (Pt. 1/2) | ForrestFire Films | Disney XD by Maker4:47180,274
Eames & Berry Trailer | ForrestFire Films | Disney XD by Maker1:29109,115
Batman v Superman IN LEGO!0:42514,048
The Good Dinosaur Stop-Motion Trailer1:106,156,896
Lego Captain America 3: Nazi Zombies6:8011,229,802
ForrestFire Update 5.1.152:20186,425
AnkiDRIVE Antics!2:26575,275
Guardians of the Galaxy IN LEGO!0:312,125,714is in 2 lists
LEGO: The Hobbit - EP4: Gandalf3:35497,7501 list
LEGO: The Hobbit - EP3: Legolas & Kili4:10391,158is in 2 lists
LEGO: The Hobbit - EP2: Thorin Oakenshield3:55444,9971 list
LEGO: The Hobbit - EP1: Bilbo Baggins4:56704,0971 list
Lego Batman - Arkham Fan Film!2:203,361,8261 list
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 3rd Annual26:161,483,826is in 2 lists
The Fabulous Misadventures of Lego Flash2:111,281,716
ForrestFire Films CHANNEL TRAILER0:55167,142
Lego Batman's Reaction to Ben Affleck's Casting1:251,852,1171 list
Lego Captain America 22:262,077,0361 list
Lego Iron Man - IRONMANIA!!!1:373,252,8081 list
Lego Justice League7:5511,388,1411 list
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 2nd Annual13:182,470,970is in 2 lists
Piñatasaurus Rex1:27140,060
ZOMBIE UNIVERSE 255:55613,934
Lego Avengers2:103,178,5581 list
Lego Batman - Batz Attack1:182,181,8301 list
The Dark Knight Rises IN LEGO!1:361,376,5071 list
Lego Captain America2:266,156,8721 list
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 1st Annual7:321,227,205is in 2 lists
Lego Batman - Dark Knight Coffee0:312,012,7761 list
Lego Harry Potter - Mischief Un-Managed1:491,041,249
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 TRAILER in LEGO!1:581,298,7071 list
Lego Indiana Jones - The DNA Results1:371,041,9661 list
Lego Short - Firefight0:28673,465
Lego Star Wars - Darth Vader's Birthday0:401,505,4651 list
Lego Batman - Jokers Team-Up!11:409,890,4991 list
Craig's Final Episode - EPISODE 108:10542,4921 list
The Killing Joke3:101,245,995
The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, & Superman Movie14:2626,043,1911 list
Lego Batman - The Ridiculous Cape0:522,840,2581 list
Lego Star Wars - Hoth Hotel0:531,469,5641 list
Lego Short - Immensely Slow Bullets1:601,272,398
Lego Batman - New Sidekicks8:128,316,6951 list
Lego Short - Opposite Day0:461,545,750
Lego Short - Extremely Slow Bullets0:221,127,905
Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return10:178,736,5061 list
The Duck Song 33:3635,519,968
Craig's Drugs - EPISODE 94:34265,7301 list
Lego Superman Theme Song1:00790,059
Lego Batman - Riddler Returns7:506,526,8481 list
Craig's Party - EPISODE 87:00218,1221 list
Craig's Christmas - EPISODE 74:48196,6841 list
The Ultimate Lego Race6:262,072,478
Craig's Sleepover - EPISODE 64:70205,9531 list
Lego Batman - Meeting with the Commissioner0:561,837,9931 list
Lego Indiana Jones - What Ever Happened to Willie Scott?1:361,405,9291 list
The Duck Song 22:3643,651,521
The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 29:608,304,6541 list
Craig's Halloween - EPISODE 53:80207,8521 list
Craig's Missing Hat - EPISODE 42:32247,7451 list
Craig's Nightmare - EPISODE 32:49285,0741 list
Lego Batman - Joker Watches "The Hills"1:152,417,9331 list
Honey Bear - Duck Song Spin-Off1:3720,342,391
Lego Star Wars - Blackmailing Vader1:312,619,3981 list
The Lego Batman & Superman Movie7:306,816,9001 list
Craig's Girlfriend - EPISODE 25:90346,8141 list
Craig - EPISODE 13:35347,1541 list
Lego Batman - The Scarecrow4:114,295,9441 list
The Shower1:17241,502
Lego Batman - Robin's Babysitter3:244,970,3221 list
The Duck Song3:12201,902,8971 list
Lego Indiana Jones - Short Round Gets Replaced1:122,661,7421 list
The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie5:2314,388,8721 list
Lego Superman - Lex Luthor's Weakness1:121,756,796
Invisa-Bot Ad!1:29210,671
Lego Star Wars - The Emperor's Grocery List1:134,454,3671 list
Lego Star Wars - Vader's Personal Day2:167,258,1221 list
Lego Star Wars - Killing Darth Vader0:537,280,5811 list
Lego Batman - The Villains2:375,154,3521 list
Lego Star Wars - Order 660:562,904,2151 list
The Lego Batman & Indiana Jones Movie 36:107,293,8871 list
Lego Dark Knight - Joker Crashes Party0:443,192,1551 list
Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday5:105,417,1621 list
Invisa-Ball Ad!1:19250,440
Lego Batman - Nightwing's Origin4:483,767,8601 list
The Lego Batman & Indiana Jones Movie 24:515,367,1461 list
Lego Batman - The Riddler3:203,521,6591 list

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