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Best Vines2:2211,800
Best Vines of May 20143:5011,112
Lyrics - Wolf by Exo3:5411,272
Lyrics - Miss Movin' On by Fifth Harmony3:2039,734
Lyrics - We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus3:5319,429
Custom Instagram Videos1:00108,547
Lyrics - Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne3:2852,030
Lyrics - Red by Taylor Swift3:4424,167
Lyrics - Applause by Lady Gaga3:337,534
Lyrics - Made In The USA by Demi Lovato3:198,452
Lyrics - Best song ever by One Direction3:3014,746
Plus One - Here In My Heart [Lyrics]3:3014,316
Leave The Pieces - The Wreckers3:32925,517
Requested: Kahit Na by Xcrew5:1018,092
This Love (lyrics) - Johnta Austin3:3225,433
Matt Palmer - That Way3:3378,987
Evan and Jaron - The Distance4:1648,939
English lyrics of I Don't Care - 2NE14:109,752
SpongeCola - Di Na Mababawi3:111,741,995
Nobody But You (English Version) - Wonder Girls3:381,458,036
SkyWalk in Crown Regency3:421,113
Skywalk in Crown Regency0:27613
Lyrics - Missing Me by Rj Helton4:181,129,828
Boys Before Flowers - Slideshow - Do you Know (Someday)4:706,901
Slideshow of Boys before Flowers - Stand by Me4:0099,005
Lyrics - Bulag sa Katotohanan by Kawago4:48419,105
The Hardest Thing - Lyrics4:28137,650
Lyrics - Before You Go by Stevie Hoang4:3224,029
Lyrics - Issues by The Saturdays3:342,809
Lyrics - DOn't Push Me3:1542,341
I Believed Lyrics - Melissa Smith3:4021,842
Lyrics - The Art of Letting Go - Mikaila3:53470,364
Lyrics - Wake Up Call - Hayden Panettiere3:376,229
I Don't Know - Joanne Accom3:24129,809
Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin - Jeremiah [Lyrics]3:371,554,850
Not Ok With Change - 1st Lady3:3112,627
Crash and Burn - lyrics3:2433,290
Why Are We Still Friends (REQUESTED) - 98 Degrees3:45498,030
Hard To Love You - Joanna Pacitti3:34210,345
Wish I Was Her - Amy Pearson3:58415,725
What hurts the most by Monica4:42192,279
Can You Help Me - Usher (Lyrics)5:364,053,270
Anniversary by Redd Stylez - lyrics4:407,265
Never Thought by Phath3:3370,871
forget about me by: little bit3:5026,498
Let it go by Sery R.3:2350,043
I'll Take The Tears - Azn Dreamers4:2793,405
Jonas Brothers - When you look me in the eyes4:191,178
Miss You More - Lyrics5:60657,439
Wait 4 U - Elliott Yamin (lyrics)4:20117,696
Just An Old Boyfriend - lyrics2:3180,751
Losing the Love4:2689,338
Long Distance Relationship3:171,389,460
Bleeding Love4:10102,942
You've Made Me Stronger [Lyrics]4:405,811,090
Lock Me In Your Heart3:33189,358
Love Takes Time - Mariah Carey [Lyrics]3:503,126,540
Before I Let You Go - Freestyle [Lyrics]4:466,276,680
These Are The Special Times - Christina Aguilera3:54192,153
I'll Never Find Someone Like You - Keith Martin [Lyrics]4:303,000,432
Baby Love4:2212,458
Rihanna - A Million Miles Away [Lyrics]3:591,919,382
I Never Knew Love3:52261,895
Right Here3:8044,023
Thats My Goal3:348,309
Angel in my Heart3:45242,721
Mistake no. 22:1710,181
If You Were Mine - Marcos Hernandez [w/ Lyrics]3:281,121,841
Fixing A Broken Heart [Lyrics]3:429,782,530
If Only Tears Could Bring You Back - lyrics4:401,082,771
First Love - English Version [w/ Lyrics] (Jessa Zaragoza)4:245,678,549
Catch Me I'm Falling [Lyrics]4:431,508,529
Because of You - Keith Martin [w/ Lyrics]3:351,769,845
Heart of Mine4:20405,115
Only Reminds Me of You [Lyrics]3:513,160,914
Zanessa - Like only a woman can3:296,460
Stuck on you3:4536,153
Brown Eyes - Destiny's Child [Lyrics]4:376,682,087
Walk away3:1014,552
this is swear4:3518,551
Like only a woman can3:29280,156
never be replaced2:1425,464
WhEn YoUr GoNe4:106,447
Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry [Lyrics]4:25145,808
At the beginning3:392,731
when it was me4:503,440
One and Only you2:495,419
Lips of an angel - hinder4:70125,078
pink - who knew3:2963,333
Mariah Carey - We Belong Together [Lyrics]3:211,203,856
Always be my baby4:163,476
Fruit Basket - what hurts the most3:343,679
Closer You and I - Gino Padilla: Lyrics3:111,032,553

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