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Bye Bye Youtube? IMPORTANT!!!0:5437,100
Fat Guy Pool Jump FAIL0:49218,990
Gas Station Roof FAIL1:2035,188
New Bike Crash in Parking Lot FAIL0:1415,943
Scooter Wheelie FAIL0:3036,282
Funny Parrot Saying WTF WIN0:22643,990
Balcony FAIL0:194,233
Cyclo-Cross Jump FAIL0:2635,583
BMX Trick on Ramp goes Wrong FAIL0:266,318
FAIL/WIN Compilation: On The Road 2012 |[FDB™】 ☠5:434,362,923
Russian Style: Merging into Traffic with a Gun WIN0:2537,560
Girl Forgot to Jump FAIL0:256,191
Motorcycle Ramp Jump Crash FAIL0:1912,864
Woman on Motorcycle with Five Kids WIN0:4613,823
Jeep Flipped over an Exploding Manhole FAIL0:326,347
Man Destroys Traffic Light FAIL0:277,876
Animals Top 3 Compilation of April 20122:403,796
Working with a Jackhammer Like A Boss WIN0:2917,481
Woman almost Hit by Ambulance LUCK or SKILL?0:2537,288
Top 10 FAILS WINS of 2012 So Far4:00189,813
FAIL WIN Compilation of APRIL 2012 |[FDB™】 ☠9:2011,255,656
Flying, Exploding Barrels WIN or WEIRD?0:556,605
Kiosk in Russia WIN0:422,440
100 Metres Running ends in Breakdance Move WIN0:342,894
Jump over Obstacle and Water FAIL0:232,772
Man almost Hit by Car LUCK0:3110,579
Police Car in Russia WIN or WEIRD?0:352,309
Top 3 FAILS / WINS Of The Week 1 April 20121:393,877
Car Falls Apart After Touching FAIL0:273,693
Free Ride in Back of Truck WIN0:551,620
Sewer Explodes in a Street FAIL0:492,712
Cutting Down the Tree FAIL0:422,893
Parking Gate Barrier Hits Guy on his Head FAIL0:333,268
Ape Throws Mud and Grass at People WIN0:408,116
FAIL WIN Compilation of MARCH 2012 |[FDB™】 ☠7:43144,221
Motorcycle Race Start DOUBLE FAIL0:262,856
Guy Freaks Out While Riding Bobsled FAIL1:407,081
Garbage Man Freaks Out WIN or FAIL0:5128,541
Superman Flying Past Car Window WIN0:3513,391
Free Bus Ride Win0:233,982
Monkey Tries to Attack a Baby WIN0:2623,857
PORSCHE Stuck in Wet Cement FAIL0:407,698
Forklift Unloading Container FAIL0:4083,187
Self Knockout by MMA Fighter FAIL0:4415,740
Motorcycle Smashes into Window FAIL0:403,733
Jumping over Chairs FAIL0:283,794
Snowboarding Jump Fail turns into Win0:302,485
Sledding Crash Fail0:242,698
Dog takes Advantage of the Trampoline Accident FAIL + WIN0:185,957
Trick with Gun goes Wrong FAIL0:271,594
Construction Workers Concrete Mixer FAIL or WIN1:138,757
Bobcat Spinning FAIL0:304,654
Trampoline Gymnastic FAIL0:215,050
Falling off the Table FAIL0:261,767
Epic Dance Stunt WIN0:202,421
Fail Win Compilation of February 2012 |[FDB™】 ☠8:46131,750
Cleaning Woman Live on TV0:275,488
Man Falls on Rail the Floor Below FAIL0:5362,302
Camel Poops on Man FAIL0:3911,874
Bike Stunt goes Wrong FAIL0:324,486
Bmx Jumps on Stranger FAIL or WIN0:166,165
Top 3 Win Fail Compilation 2012 Part 11:447,853
biker hits a woman and crashes FAIL0:228,774
Criminal can't Espcape from Cops FAIL0:2011,317
Win/Fail Compilation Part 1 |[FDB™】 ☠3:3180,367
falling off the boat FAIL0:161,809
Truck turns over crash FAIL0:562,873
car loaded with luggage FAIL or WIN0:574,671
Ship sinks FAIL0:413,417
bmx ramp crash FAIL0:292,791
How to steal beer WIN0:4811,515
top 3 bear special newyear compilation1:45104,746
Telephone music WIN0:371,462
Motorcycle breaks into two pieces FAIL0:357,119
Top 3 win compilation special2:105,131
Crane FAIL0:522,340
Automatic Door FAIL0:343,144
Extreme bike jump FAIL0:241,210
Birthday Fire FAIL0:464,559
Public Bike stunt FAIL0:215,510
Parachute FAIL0:172,019
Motorbike control FAIL0:211,990
Bike Ramp FAILS0:283,545
Girl on a scooter FAIL0:191,794
Bar swing FAIL0:216,793
Swing Catapult FAIL0:321,780
Nutcracker FAIL0:211,995
Formula one car FAIL0:181,699
BMX race start FAIL0:429,313
Girl cliff swing FAIL0:304,382
Weather Forecast FAIL0:223,580
Roof to roof jump FAIL0:232,933
Break Dance FAIL0:331,857
Old lady high jump FAIL0:254,677
Golf Car FAIL0:233,154
Beach flip FAIL0:212,351
Playground Jump FAIL0:221,951
Slide FAIL0:243,896
Wall backflip FAIL0:332,918
Swing Double FAIL0:332,485

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