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Gifts and Why I Don't Like Them10:547,379
I Have a Discord Server Now3:402,360
Depression Update 25/11/201914:384,624
it's halloween yay8:243,984
The Tyrant's Fortress6:263,245
Written in Stone6:502,615
Broken Body, Broken Spirit5:403,511
Body Building2:394,037
Escaping With the First One0:586,075
this is not an eye4:536,675
Let's do a Q&A because I have absolutely nothing else to show!4:004,517
At a Loss - Depression Update 22/04/20192:403,963
At the Bottom of Everything1:2610,272
Entering The Murk5:2410,958
Nothing Left to See5:375,286
Somewhere Colourful2:269,363
I had to upload something.0:344,927
Feelin' Fine - Depression Update 04/02/20197:303,745
Low Point - Depression Update 20/01/20193:153,346
Should I Even Keep Doing These?3:102,573
Post-New Year Stream1:20:501,969
Tradition Has No Value4:243,111
Dungeons & Delays - Depression Update 12/19/20184:171,427
Deteriorating Health, Panic Attacks, and Tim Curry's Hotness - Depression Update 12/12/201821:501,726
Depression Update 03/12/20183:542,045
Bendy and the Wasted Potential - BATIM Review27:4010,155
Witch Game Showcase (WIP)15:432,781
Depression Update 08/11/20188:282,204
Halloween Video Unrelated to Halloween8:101,141
I'm Making a Spook-Game12:101,948
Late Stream of Multiple Failures!29:90973
Depression Update 09/10/20186:592,783
Didn't make a video, so here's a backup stream1:23:401,701
You can now watch my unlisted videos again (Yay?)3:362,158
Remembering Stefan Karl and Talking About Death13:153,758
Showcasing a (Not) Multiplayer Game I Gave Up On25:423,544
I've Made My Decision6:3710,723
What Should I Do?10:9017,742
Streaming With Friend2:06:393,969
4/20 stream because my life is empty! :D2:13:454,261
Update On My Depression - Where My Mind Is Right Now18:396,250
YouTube Just Got Worse and I'm Vexed15:454,449
Recording of Me Ranting About Cloud Meadow31:386,326
Q&A Answers (Also Surprise Reveal at the End)1:28:805,367
Procrastination is temporarily giving up.1:28:337,615
I can't sleep, so for some reason I'm doing this.2:21:406,595
The Two Ways Humanity Can End25:508,449
Playing Spore and Rambling About Nothing #21:39:305,526
Playing Spore and Rambling About Nothing1:25:183,440
5 33 41 181:24:173,137
Stream because I'm bored1:48:333,416
I show off a dice game I made13:355,151
Got one hour too much time in your life? Waste it on this.59:2610,077
Halloween Update5:2636,373
Channel Activity Update1:3348,145
NOT a Freaking April Fools Joke #WTFU0:5516,192
I Need a Backup Voice Actor for Click-Clack2:4426,828
Merry Christmas from Willcraft!3:5632,006
"The Miner's Bane" - Minecraft Horror Animation4:13115,071
Willcraft Reviews FNAF25:2569,466
Willcraft's Top 5 Childhood Fears13:5519,738
Willcraft Reviews Lucius & Lucius II12:5912,884
Willcraft's Top 8 Halloween Movies15:1016,777
Quick But Important Message Regarding Halloween0:5116,764
Willcraft's Top 10 Masked Characters24:4428,828
Willcraft Stares at Fan Art5:3722,675
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 12 - Under Siege13:56147,171
What's taking so long?! (Also, I'm looking for voice actors)2:5021,948
Medusabelle vs FeralG3 and theprincessfefe - Minecraft Battle Animation4:593,660,953
Monster School: Bus Trip7:5115,014,947
Happy Valentine's Day... ish...1:5150,985
Willcraft's Top 10 Disney Villains26:3361,926
Merry Christmas, I Guess...3:402,677,459
Willcraft's Top 10 Minecraft Animations11:21232,038
IT'S HALLOWEEN!3:3392,003
Oogie Boogie Song - Minecraft Version2:28107,187
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 11 - Here Be Dragons12:40257,390
Willcraft Q&A #210:2563,368
Willcraft Q&A #18:14219,825
Monster School: Scaring3:4214,145,701
Monster School: Combat #24:4431,616,105
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 10 - Calm Before the Storm9:19432,080
New intro for Monster School0:40590,203
Merry Christmas!4:2922,083,715
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 9 - Naval Battle8:20691,694
Monster School: Trick or Treat!2:3912,479,110
Monster School: Acrobatics - Minecraft Animation4:2067,287,702
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 8 - All Aboard!4:57372,723
Monster School: Mining - Minecraft Animation3:1938,043,633
Lord Läskig Origins2:50194,704
Dr Creepy's Mega Robot1:23318,388
New Battle Character: Medusabelle0:5573,925
Monster School - Meet the New Students2:117,367,926
Why Minecraft Isn't Realistic #21:471,079,932
5000 Subscribers Special0:46430,830
Minecraft Endventures: Episode 7 - Witchcraft6:22307,659
Monster School: Combat - Minecraft Animation3:3327,375,095
The Unfolding of Witch Arms (Test)0:10162,033
Voidheart vs Shadowshifter26, Minecrafter405 and Jman020001:4997,540

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