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Learn to make a Duolingo Plush in just 5 minutes! Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial5:10179,591
DIY UNDERTALE Annoying Dog Plushie! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial5:10150,812
DIY FLUFFY BOY RALSEI Plushie with Moveable Joints! DELTARUNE Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial11:15510,246
How to make Bongo Cat Meme Plushie! DIY Easy Cat Plush! Free Pattern5:23188,122
DIY Undertale Golden Flowers! How to make Easy No-Sew Felt Flowers! Undertale Fandom Craft3:3479,724
DIY UNDERTALE FRISK and CHARA Plushies! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial8:27688,045
DIY EXPANDABLE Pencil Case and Holder! Back to School Supplies 2018 | Pikachu, Pusheen, Unicorn8:42130,182
DIY Cuphead & Mugman Plushies - FREE PATTERN! Sock Plush Tutorial8:401,089,300
[REUPLOAD] DIY Glowing Bill Cipher Plush Pillow (Free Pattern) Gravity Falls Plush Pillow Tutorial8:80133,371
DIY HUGE Bendy and the Ink Machine's BORIS Plushie! Chapter 2, 3 and 413:43515,270
[REUPLOAD] DIY Bendy and the Ink Machine Sock Plushie! FREE PATTERN! BATIM Plush Tutorial6:593,514,999
DIY Bendy and the Ink Machine Sock Plushie! FREE PATTERN! BATIM Plush Tutorial7:001,512,522
DIY We BARE BEARS Plushies!! (FREE Pattern) Cute Bear Sock Plush Sewing Tutorial5:26451,002
Golden One Piece Thousand Sunny Ship Model - FILM GOLD Grand Ship Collection7:27141,775
DIY GIANT Undertale Flowey Plushie with Interchangeable Face! Undertale Plush (FREE Pattern)6:512,606,902
DIY Plush Pen Holder | CUTE Desk Decoration | Disney Ufufy Sock Plushie | Tiny Sparkles5:35190,870
DIY Fun Notebooks you NEED to try!! Cute & Easy Magnetic Notebook! DIY School Supplies7:24821,702
DIY Temmie Plushie with Movable Arms! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial8:152,677,997
Travel Macau & Hong Kong - First Tsum Tsum Fun Fair at Disneyland , Halloween, BE@RBRICK, Food8:1819,402
DIY Pokemon Backpack! FREE PATTERN | DIY School Supplies | Gengar, Jigglypuff, Charmander8:32817,727
Pikachu Plushies Giveaway Project - Pokemon in real life? | Dennis Caca | Lim Shang Jin3:18185,728
DIY EASY Pokemon Pencil Box! Back to School Tutorial | NerdECrafter | DIY School Supplies9:809,628,671
DIY Easy and Cheap Undertale Phone Case & Earphone Holder! Annoying Dog Phone Cover Tutorial Craft5:901,100,604
DIY Glowing Bill Cipher Plush Pillow (Free Pattern) How to Make Gravity Falls Plush Pillow Tutorial8:26672,540
DIY Dumbo & Mystery Camera Storage Box(FREE PATTERN) Collab with Kawaii Felting - Tsum Tsum Plushie10:46360,264
DIY Bad Time SANS with Glowing Eye and Movable Arms! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial15:457,407,260
EASY Fluffy Neko Atsume Pom Pom Tutorial - Fun & Cheap DIY (Free Pom Pom Maker Template)5:56949,874
DIY Pikachu Sock Plushie with Free Pattern! Cute Pokemon Tutorial6:162,998,742
Easiest Plushie Ever Made! DIY Undertale Napstablook Plushie (Free Pattern)5:171,769,561
DIY Fluffy Puppy Stationery Holder/Organizer - Fun and Adorable Penholder to Brighten Up Your Desk!9:2079,960
NO BAKE Gudetama Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache Filling | Easy and Cute Recipe ぐでたま5:90209,386
DIY Undertale Papyrus Sock Plushie - Free Pattern!9:502,039,729
DIY Gudetama Plushie with 3 Simple Materials!! ぐでたま Lazy Egg Plushie Tutorial6:401,828,273
Daiso Shopping Trip #5 - MICKEY MOUSE!!! Japanese Dollar Store4:1829,137
Do You Ever Wish That You Had SUPERPOWER Like ANIME? - Samurai Buyer4:4154,869
DIY Monkey Sock Plushie Tutorial - FREE PATTERN8:1485,584
5 QUICK and EASY Disney Tsum Tsum Christmas Tree Decorations8:4093,670
DIY Glow in the Dark Freddy Plush FNAF Tutorial | Collaboration with ArtzieRush11:431,312,996
How to make Tsum Tsum Tutorial - Needle Felting DIY Disney10:25578,866
How to make Snapchat & Emoji Ghost Plush Tutorial! Easy DIY! (Free Pattern)5:5789,975
DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Sock Plushie for Halloween! FREE PATTERN3:4155,499
How to make SpongeBob Squarepants Plushie! DIY9:42273,547
DIY Pooh Tsum Tsum Disney Plushie | Collaboration with PinkSugarCotton (FREE PATTERN)3:28179,019
DIY Japanese Leather Craft Kits - Miniature Bags6:4766,9051 list
DIY Minion Bob's Teddy Bear Tim - Needle Felting Tutorial4:32365,082
DIY King Bob Minion Plush (Free Pattern!) Fun craft!7:90299,8081 list
DIY Minion Bob Sock Plushie Tutorial (Free Pattern)9:481,547,827
McDonald's Happy Meal Minion 2015 with a SPECIAL GUEST!5:47161,6381 list
DIY My Melody Sock Plush | A Collaboration with Minty Mina D6:56198,334
DIY Frozen Coaster - Collaboration with Craft Klatch6:51322,515
DIY Disney Stitch and Scrump Tsum Tsum Sock Plush Tutorial (Free pattern)7:80262,670
Daiso Shopping Trip #4 - King eraser??? Kawaii Craft Kit, Soft Clay, Polymer Clay & more!8:1027,5411 list
DIY Relaxing Easter Chick Plush - Kawaii Easter Decoration Animal Plush Tutorial4:4492,105
Hello Kitty Bubbly World Plushies from Mcdonald's3:8023,3831 list
Needle Felted Stitch Tutorial - Giveaway [CLOSED]6:1673,191
Nanoblock Maneki Neko (Fortune Cat) - Speed build!3:5910,4411 list
DIY Grumpy Cat on Valentine's Day with FREE PATTERN - Sock Plushie Tutorial5:46263,697
Needle Felted Floral Bracelet Tutorial- DIY6:3517,624
DIY Pipe Cleaner BEAR - Craft Kit from Daiso Tutorial7:2166,6971 list
Little Rudolph Sock Plush Tutorial - DIY Red Nose Reindeer for Christmas!7:10172,624
Kawaii Alpaca Sock Plushie Tutorial - DIY7:28563,383
DIY Disney Frozen Olaf Tsum Tsum Plushie - Free pattern!7:55575,954
5 Basic Hand Stitches (Sock Plushie Making) for Beginners!5:5387,227
Halloween Bat Plushie Tutorial - Sorbet from Shining Hearts7:3151,259
DAISO Haul #33:5123,1911 list
DAISO Shopping Trip #35:1020,3621 list
[CLOSED] 2K SUBSCRIBERS GIVEAWAY! {Clover Needle Felt Tool + Daiso Craft Items}2:375,381
Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Figurine Blind Box !4:4501 list
DIY Kawaii Bear Plushie Tutorial !6:270
Unboxing Mcdonald's Hello Kitty Circus of Life Malaysia Edition4:5501 list
Needle Felted Cat : Daiso Animal Kit6:250
DAISO Shopping Haul #24:4201 list
Easy Needle Felted Rilakkuma & Pikachu Ring Tutorial4:450
DIY Disney Tsum Tsum Plushies - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy & Pluto (for Sweetorials Auditions)8:340
How to make Strawberry Cupcake Pincushion - Cute and easy!6:0001 list
One Piece Thousand Sunny Ship Model13:5901 list
Daiso Haul #13:1101 list
Bear Needle Felt Tutorial6:480
Daiso Shopping Trip #13:390
Adventure Time Gunter Plush Doll Tutorial !8:300
Needle Felting Sheep Tutorial - Animal Kit from Daiso5:200
How To Make Chubby Bunny Using a Sock!7:480

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