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Copic Speedpaint ♫ Modern Witch「Halloween」9:323,528
Watch Me Color Realtime! ✿ Copic Marker Anime Commission Pt. II25:124,021
Watch Me Color Realtime! ✿ Copic Marker Anime Commission Pt. I25:333,911
Yeh, Meh, or Neh ♦ Parkoo Dual-tip Brush Markers Review9:456,394
Copic Marker Drawing ♥ Chibi Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (Kawaii ver.)7:3913,941
How to: Copic Marker Hair Tutorial [Anime/Manga style]5:5862,985
It's HUMAN to Feel Discouraged!7:254,236
Watercolor Painting Process ✿ Muted Flower10:175,218
Copic Marker Drawing ☆ Ugly Christmas Sweater + Testing Cheap Copic Knock-offs7:277,816
Commission Process! ❀ Watercolor & Ink6:104,239
☆ Coloring with Bic Mark its Markers! ☆7:1430,674
♥ Coloring with Crayola Supertip Markers! ♥6:44159,825
Crayon Drawing ☆ Prettyy (Anime/manga)5:198,440
Review + GIVEAWAY: Versachalk Chalkboard Markers!10:562,561
Chalk Drawing ✿ Anime/Manga Halloween Cat-Witch!6:357,216
First Impressions: Gaomon M106K Graphics Pen Tablet7:363,891
Review: Huion LB4 Light Pad!7:444,999
Copic Marker Drawing ✧ Quoi? (Anime/Manga)6:294,562
Complete Anime/Manga Sketchbook Tour (2015-NOW) ♥ Part III16:579,300
Complete Anime/Manga Sketchbook Tour {2015-NOW} ♥ Part II8:479,189
Complete Anime/Manga Sketchbook Tour (2015-Now) ♥ Part I11:3612,303
Watercolor Speedpaint ☆ Cafe Vibes (Watercolor Brush Markers)7:906,447
Arteza Watercolor Supplies Review!16:369,781
Review: Huion Inspiroy Q11K Graphics Tablet6:605,955
✿ Speedpaint: Ume { Digital Art } ✿8:293,505
Review: Leda Art Supply Sketchbooks!4:1410,543
Watercolor Speed Painting ✧ Practice Doodle (Anime/Manga)6:516,426
☆ Speed Drawing: Index Card Doodle #1 ☆7:325,081
Chat w/ Me | My Sketchbook Tour 2015-2016 pt. 112:445,288
Tutorial: Tips for Drawing A Manga Face9:45701,868
Drawing App Recommendation!3:314,418
Lillie & Nebby from Pokemon ☆ Watercolor6:386,433
Cutesy ♡ Copic Marker Drawing6:587,397
Moon & Alolan Ninetales [Pokemon] ♥ Colored Pencil Drawing9:175,155
Sketchbook Doodle ✧ Copic Marker Drawing7:4832,946
Alluka from Hunter x Hunter ✿ Copic Marker Drawing7:5013,319
Silence ☆ Watercolor Painting5:419,286
Kiki From Kiki's Delivery Service ✿ Copic Marker Drawing5:308,701
Katara & Toph ATC ☆ Commission [Watercolor & Copic]5:198,389
Kenshin & Tomoe ATC ★ Commission [Watercolor & Copic]5:306,614
*Updated* About Me9:257,112
Iki Hiyori ♥ Watercolor Doodle/practice6:2910,594
Giveaway Winners!1:132,201
Sparkling Waters ✧ Watercolor + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)7:419,816
Yato, Hiyori, & Yukine ☆ Rough Sketch3:3512,614
Good Day ♪ Cheap Colored Pencil Drawing ♪5:5430,893
Emotion feat. Touka ❤ Watercolor Speedpaint3:5911,708
★ My Go-to Art Supplies! ★7:5213,328
OCs Gone Vintage ♥ Copic Marker Drawing ♥11:2023,710
Sunny Day ♫ Watercolor ♫6:3314,756
Futami Eriko {REDO} ☆ Colored Pencil Drawing ☆5:4552,809
Sweet Craving ✿ Copic Marker Drawing ✿6:1821,538
ATC of Platinum from Pokemon [Watercolor & Copic]3:479,841
Speed Drawing: Passing Days By4:5715,795
Watercolor Speedpaint: Sailor Mercury ATC Commission4:3119,886
Copic marker Drawing: OC Commission5:3039,769
Speed drawing & Inking: Office Lady4:1219,988
Thoughts on W&N Brushmarkers + Demo13:2018,243
Watercolor & Copic Drawing: Shin-ah from Akatsuki no Yona5:4017,438
Copic Marker Drawing: C.C. from Code Geass4:2519,212
Inking Demonstration w/ the Litup A3 Light pad4:3112,530
Mini Marker Haul!6:297,940
Marker Drawing: Wine5:1923,328
How I Color Skin with Copics & Flexmarkers9:5912,012
Test Run & Some Digital Painting1:22:317,287
My Old Drawings & Sketchbooks: Part 227:5124,653
My Old Drawings and Sketchbooks: Part 121:4156,926
Gouache Speedpaint: Touka & Hydrangeas4:2917,457
Art Vlog: Current Art Materials, Project, etc.11:308,363
Colored pencil Drawing: Polychromatic4:1064,844
Huion L4S Light Pad Review7:349,597
Watercolor Speedpaint: Touken Fluff Week Day 63:5218,4071 list
Speed Drawing: A Midsummer's Escapade3:3112,1441 list
Watercolor Speedpaint: OC Manga Spread9:7026,3971 list
Digital Speedpaint: Kirishima Touka from Tokyo Ghoul6:519,299
Digital Speedpaint: Touka & My Profile Pic2:138,9021 list
Watercolor Speedpaint: Sailor Moon + D'Artisan Shoppe Brush Review6:5924,9021 list
WIP: Watercolor w/ Me II52:2212,925
WIP: Watercolor w/ Me Pt. 1 (Real Time)38:4521,774
Watercolor Tutorial: Basic Tips11:5240,443
Manga Drawing: High School Erza (Watercolor & Copic)5:4720,8431 list
Speed Drawing: Kakuja Kaneki & Touka from Tokyo Ghoul4:1014,9661 list
Commission Drawing: Shy [Watercolor, Ink, & Marker]4:2013,8071 list
Commission Drawing: Mami Tomoe [Watercolor & Copic]4:5311,8801 list
Crayon Drawing: Spring Doodle3:1330,631
Copic Marker Drawing: 3 Color Palette Challenge3:2222,3491 list
Manga Drawing: Lunar New Year [Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Marker]5:0011,8081 list
Tutorial: How to Ink Manga Drawings10:2537,216
When Did I Start Drawing? How Did I Find my Style?14:8033,351
How to Draw Manga Clothes Wrinkles and Skirts [The Lazy Way]17:3237,664
Watercolor Speedpaint: Shoujo Style Nozomi [OC]7:4718,8191 list
Speed Drawing: Draw It Again 2009-20106:2810,316
How to Color Manga Eyes with Cheap Colored pencils [Pt. 3]7:398,713
How to Color Manga Hair with Cheap Colored pencils [Pt. 2]7:519,756
How to Color Manga Skin with Cheap Colored pencils [Pt. 1]14:3824,941
My Art supplies: Paper12:5612,777
Manga Anime Drawings & Sketchbooks Update 201423:3094,830
A Face Reveal, Introduction... and Rambling!14:1111,388
My Art Supplies18:3760,109

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