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Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Music Video Review)4:2435,957
Bastille - Good Grief (Music Video Review)3:1640,676
Bastille - Oblivion (Music Video Review)3:1039,471
Bastille - Laura Palmer (Music Video Review) | Vevo2:3828,315
Bastille - Flaws (Music Video Review) | Vevo3:2243,317
Bastille - Comfort Of Strangers (Visualiser)3:5251,516
Bastille - Admit Defeat (Visualiser)3:80118,708
Bastille - Final Hour (Visualiser)3:1135,701
Bastille - When I Watch The World Burn All I Think About Is You (Demo / ...3:1453,220
Bastille - Easy Days (Demo / Visualiser)2:5423,686
Bastille - Good Lesson (Visualiser)3:3353,258
Bastille - Can’t Fight This Feeling (Lyric Video) ft. London Contemporary Orchestra3:211,104,029
Bastille, Alessia Cara - Another Place3:396,260,051
Bastille - Bad Decisions (Live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / 2019)3:4194,987
Bastille - Million Pieces (M-22 Remix / Visualiser)4:3040,280
Bastille - Bad Decisions3:39611,339
Bastille - Million Pieces ft. The Chamber Orchestra Of London4:452,371,160
Bastille - Those Nights (Good Morning America Performance)4:3139,613
Bastille - Doom Days (Good Morning America Performance)3:10118,820
Bastille - Million Pieces (Good Morning America Performance)4:4070,831
Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Live on Good Morning America / 2019)3:4740,100
Bastille - Pompeii (Live on Good Morning America / 2019)3:4895,830
Bastille - Joy (Live on Good Morning America / 2019)3:2836,170
Bastille - 4AM (Audio)4:10565,375
Bastille - Those Nights4:392,926,458
Bastille - Joy3:215,654,659
Bastille - Joy3:21354,098
Bastille - Joy (Visualiser)3:136,162,768
Bastille - Doom Days (Lyric Video)2:225,968,320
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - Warmth (Outro) ft. Moss Kena1:1859,937
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - Would I Lie To You? ft. Kianja, S-X, Craig David4:60282,965
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - Flowers ft. Rationale, James Arthur3:56226,748
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - The Descent ft. Lily Moore, Moss Kena, Jacob Banks5:50358,080
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - Wild World (Intro) ft. Kianja2:14143,497
Other People's Heartache, Bastille - Don't Let Go (Love) ft. Craig David, Kianja, Swarmz4:19118,440
Bastille - The Currents (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!/2018)3:3373,637
Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Live From Royal Albert Hall)3:33286,742
Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Official Video)3:265,802,853
Bastille - Help Me Chase Those Seconds42:40233,007
Bastille - Glory5:105,019,041
Bastille - bad_news (Soundcheck Session)4:70354,276
Bastille - Glory (The Independent Music Box Sessions #11)4:12110,238
Bastille - The Currents (The Independent Music Box Sessions #11)3:31103,762
Bastille - Two Evils (The Independent Music Box Sessions #11)3:18260,377
Bastille - Good Grief (The Independent Music Box Sessions #11)3:4395,842
Bastille - Glory (Live From Capitol Studios)4:511,063,541
Bastille - Blame5:206,088,052
Bastille - Warmth (Live At Capitol Studios)3:582,244,196
Bastille - Good Grief (Live At Capitol Studios)3:421,638,610
Bastille - Send Them Off! (Mike Mago Remix)3:3662,567
Bastille - Send Them Off! (Skream Remix Radio Edit)5:0046,049
Bastille - Send Them Off! (The Wild Remix)5:30189,061
Bastille - Send Them Off!3:457,537,389
Bastille - Behind The Scenes (Vevo Presents)2:5675,903
Bastille - Blame (Vevo Presents)3:601,795,488
Bastille - The Currents (Vevo Presents)3:332,185,085
Bastille - Send Them Off (Vevo Presents)3:311,075,088
Bastille - Fake It (Vevo Presents)4:171,845,615
Bastille - Good Grief (Vevo Presents)3:381,630,015
Bastille - Good Grief (Clean Version)3:597,547,105
Bastille - Trailer (Vevo Presents)1:5082,930
Bastille - Fake It4:116,656,865
Bastille - Good Grief (MK Remix)5:39174,154
Bastille - Fake It4:50761,014
Bastille - Good Grief (Autograf Remix)3:52102,159
Bastille - Good Grief (Don Diablo Remix)4:10942,124
Bastille - Good Grief3:5713,326,617
Bastille - WWCOMMS. 001 // Hello (Trailer)1:21339,354
Bastille - #VevoCertified - Show & Tell3:39246,596
Bastille - #VevoCertified - Award Presentation3:26265,306
Bastille - #VevoCertified - Fan Surprise1:47347,382
Bastille - #VevoCertified - Interview Part 23:2322,307
Bastille - #VevoCertified - Interview Part 12:5932,057
Bastille - Flaws - Live from the Honda Stage at Music Midtown3:47292,970
Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire - Live from the Honda Stage at Music Midtown4:15222,519
Bastille - Oblivion - Live from the Honda Stage at Music Midtown3:31210,474
Bastille - Bite Down (Bastille VS. HAIM)3:50969,265
Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)3:124,703,0601 list
Bastille - Weapon (vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque)4:501,064,582
Bastille - Bad Blood (Summer Six live from Isle of Wight Festival)3:52107,193
Bastille - bad_news4:442,462,1751 list
Bastille - Flaws (Live At The Troubadour)3:55604,382
Bastille - Oblivion4:119,809,578is in 2 lists
Bastille - Bad Blood (Live At The Troubadour)3:46600,379
Bastille - Pompeii (Live At Capitol Studios)3:362,539,8751 list
Bastille - Of The Night - #VEVOHalloween3:391,971,825
Bastille - Pompeii - #VEVOHalloween4:22594,099
Bastille - Interview - #VEVOHalloween2:54121,281
Bastille - Oblivion (Live At Capitol Studios)3:902,448,980
Bastille - Flaws (VEVO Presents)3:45373,492
Bastille - Laura Palmer (VEVO Presents)2:57174,975
Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire (VEVO Presents)4:00431,715
Bastille - Bad Blood (VEVO Presents)3:22290,182
Bastille - Pompeii (VEVO Presents)4:281,501,119
Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire (Live From Queens' College Cambridge)4:601,870,302
Bastille - Of The Night3:5136,219,353is in 4 lists
Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire4:2147,167,272
Bastille - Pompeii (Live From Isle Of Wight Festival)4:241,552,591
Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire (Summer Six live from Isle of Wight Festival)4:90335,913
Bastille - Bastille - Summer Six live at Isle of Wight Festival Interview4:8092,786

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