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Against The Current: Almost Forgot (Will Ferri Remix) (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:26117,624
Against The Current: Almost Forgot (Ryan Riback Remix) (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:16168,592
Against The Current - Voices (Stripped Live)3:43358,777
Against The Current - Almost Forgot (Stripped Live)3:22743,859
Against The Current - The Fuss [OFFICIAL VIDEO]2:511,456,418
Against The Current - Voices [OFFICIAL VIDEO]3:284,559,402
Against The Current: The Fuss (OFFICIAL AUDIO)2:51151,629
Against The Current: P.A.T.T. (OFFICIAL AUDIO)2:21176,852
Against The Current: I Like The Way (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:24548,742
Against The Current: Friendly Reminder (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:10234,879
Against The Current: Come Alive (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:25246,159
Against The Current: Scream (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:10168,789
Against The Current: Sweet Surrender (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:33439,627
Against The Current: Voices (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:25291,698
Against The Current: Personal (OFFICIAL AUDIO)3:26663,375
Against The Current: Almost Forgot [OFFICIAL VIDEO]3:292,776,266
Against The Current - Almost Forgot (Official Audio)3:30791,305
Against The Current - Wasteland (Live in London @ Bush Hall)3:40194,790
Against The Current - Running With The Wild Things (Live in London @ Bush Hall)4:21279,070
Against The Current - Chasing Ghosts (Live in London @ Bush Hall)3:54353,499
"Chasing Ghosts" - Against The Current (Acoustic)3:48913,543
In Our Bones World Tour (US + CANADA) Starting Soon!2:1088,125
"Love Yourself" - Justin Bieber (Against The Current Live Cover feat. We The Kings)4:801,079,469
"Love Story" - Taylor Swift (Against The Current Live Cover feat. Yellowcard)4:433,169,295
"Cold Water" - Major Lazer (Against The Current Live Cover feat. Tyler Carter)3:583,639,534
Against The Current - Young & Relentless (Official Music Video)3:293,927,664
"When You Were Young” - The Killers (Against The Current Live Cover)3:21944,458
Against The Current - Young & Relentless (Live from Leicester Square)3:24931,619
Against The Current: In Our Bones2:591,151,476
In Our Bones Album Release Party1:04:2773,209
Against The Current: Blood Like Gasoline3:19917,765
Against The Current: Demons3:25904,675
Against The Current: Brighter3:28552,876
Against The Current: Chasing Ghosts3:30957,900
Against The Current: Roses3:391,047,845
Against The Current: One More Weekend3:60707,584
Against The Current: Young & Relentless (Official Lyric Video)3:23871,734
Against The Current: Forget Me Now (Official Lyric Video)3:201,690,930
"Running With The Wild Things" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:583,304,211
Pre-European Tour Hangout and Q+A!44:2457,501
"Outsiders" - Against The Current (Live Music Video)3:531,756,181
Pre-European Tour Hangout, Q+A, and New Single Preview Party!1:01:24109,954
"Water Under The Bridge" - Adele (Against The Current Cover)3:573,395,860
Against The Current: Fireproof (Official Lyric Video)3:12450,536
Against The Current: Paralyzed (Official Lyric Video)3:17679,617
"Talk (Acoustic)" - Against the Current3:151,262,383
GRAVITY WORLD TOUR!!! (Starting this month!)3:49388,825
"Fireproof" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:502,725,520
"Gravity (Acoustic)" - Against the Current3:451,963,667
Against The Current: Dreaming Alone feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK (Official Lyric Video)2:571,724,844
"Talk" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:149,148,532
"See You Again" - Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth (Against The Current Cover)5:9025,838,536
Against The Current: Gravity (Official Lyric Video)3:431,055,479
Against The Current: Brighter (Official Lyric Video)3:341,659,220
"Dreaming Alone" - Against The Current feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK (Official Music Video)3:303,312,959
"Paralyzed" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:155,897,297
The Announcement (Drum roll...)1:23163,8491 list
Against The Current: Talk (Official Lyric Video)3:151,605,262
"Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (Against The Current Cover feat Set It Off)4:4717,553,112
Against The Current: Comeback Kid (Official Lyric Video)3:581,765,109
"Infinity (Acoustic)" - Against The Current2:572,347,557
"Something You Need (Acoustic)" - Against The Current3:902,499,160
"Gravity" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:5312,541,388
"I Wanna Get Better" - Bleachers (Against The Current Cover feat The Ready Set)3:356,131,173
Against The Current: Something You Need (Official Lyric Video)3:111,693,692
"Another You (Another Way)" - Against The Current (Official Music Video)3:575,870,760
"Ain't It Fun" - Paramore (Against The Current Cover)4:295,524,1911 list
"Closer, Faster" Official Lyric Video2:571,218,764
Another You (Another Way) - Official Lyric Video3:242,065,125
Infinity (Official Lyric Video)3:602,182,225
"She Looks So Perfect" - 5 Seconds of Summer (Against The Current Cover)4:375,207,8221 list
"All Too Well" - Taylor Swift (Against The Current Cover)5:604,867,7301 list
"Red" Taylor Swift (Against The Current Cover Video)3:1815,233,3611 list
"Closer, Faster" (Official Music Video)4:383,014,436
Chocolate - The 1975 (Against the Current Cover Video)3:446,758,7171 list
Guessing (Official Lyric Video)3:102,621,529
"Heart Attack" - Demi Lovato (Sam Tsui & Against The Current)3:291,542,064
100,000 Subs + "Guessing" teaser!2:60513,8681 list
"Beauty And A Beat" - Justin Bieber (Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza Cover)3:581,692,797
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" - Mariah Carey (Against The Current COVER)3:175,213,3951 list
"Catch My Breath" - Kelly Clarkson - Official Cover Video (Alex Goot & Against The Current)3:342,306,708
"Not Over You" - Gavin DeGraw - Official Cover Video (Alex Goot & Against The Current)3:282,427,5721 list
ATC Update Video!1:39644,6871 list
"Good Time" - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Official Cover video (Alex Goot & Against The Current)2:542,975,6301 list
Thinking (Official Lyric Video)3:702,542,111

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