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10 Must Play Indie Games from E3 201728:2013,302
WHAT IS THIS GAME?! - ARMAGAD & Tetrageddon Games5:151,987
The Adventures Of Square - Too Good To Be Free4:493,474
Indie Hidden Gems #1 ft. Alex of The National Dex18:603,259
My Thoughts on Thimbleweed Park - The NitpickTron 3000™10:231,763
TumbleSeed Preview - Seed Me Rollin'3:541,151
IndieCade Searchlight Begins! - 2016's Honorable Mentions4:111,389
Everything Review - Philosophical Universe Simulator9:328,213
Cosmic Star Heroine Preview - Embracing Camp4:528,571
2064: Read Only Memories - A Rare Trust & Maturity in Gaming12:2411,429
Lichtspeer Contest Winners!3:11627
Lichtspeer Thank You Contest!5:11602
Owlboy Preview - An Adventure 9 Years in the Making7:5112,538
Even MORE Great Indie Games from E3 2016!29:3037,883
Indie Games Searchlight: Party Hard12:524,151
More Great Indie Games from E3 2016!22:5448,120
Great Indie Games from E3 2016!20:5318,308
That Dragon, Cancer - Indie Games Searchlight20:422,587
The Fall - Indie Games Searchlight12:1614,931
Indie Games Searchlight - The Journey Down Chapter 26:545,821
Indie Games Searchlight - The Journey Down Chapter 112:514,143
Indie Games Searchlight - Shovel Knight16:149,716
Indie Games Searchlight - Retro Game Crunch Part 35:554,133
Indie Games Searchlight - Retro Game Crunch Part 27:295,497
Indie Games Searchlight - Retro Game Crunch Part 18:149,466
5 Free Cyberpunk Games in 2 Minutes2:1024,957
Trace Vector - Indie Games Searchlight11:264,603
5 Free Games in 2 Minutes - Secret Holiday Special2:004,701
More IndieCade Games 2013!12:302,9681 list
IndieCade Games 2013!8:523,0151 list
Volgarr The Viking - Quick Look7:393,268
Mark of the Ninja - Indie Games Searchlight13:459,307
5 Free Games in 2 Minutes - Waltz to Bed2:006,688
5 Free Games in 2 Minutes - Gods Will Be Minimal2:106,758
A.N.N.E. Preview - Indie Games Searchlight6:353,9271 list
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - DS Games Searchlight11:507,847
Telepath Tactics Preview - Indie Games Searchlight6:164,1221 list
Gyossait - Indie Games Searchlight10:2513,577
The Unfinished Swan Preview - IGSL at IndieCade 20124:384,7481 list
IndieCade 2012 - Audience & Devs Choice Award Announcements3:137361 list
IndieCade Part 2 - Indie Games Searchlight5:303,1371 list
IndieCade Part 1 - Indie Games Searchlight9:383,3101 list
Indie Game: The Movie Review - Indie Games Searchlight14:593,569
Magnetic Chunkadelic - Indie Games Searchlight7:504,098
To The Moon - Indie Games Searchlight19:4519,818
Dear Esther - Indie Games Searchlight9:256,684
Trallriiight - The Game Chasers Spoof0:232,217
Escape Goat - Indie Games Searchlight8:009,590
Indie Games and SOPA/PIPA - IGSL Vlog3:381,313
Cave Story - Indie Games Searchlight33:3738,934
So, What's the Next Video?0:501,463
Antichamber Preview - IGS at IndieCade 20113:706,6251 list
IndieCade is Coming...0:221,151
Neva - Indie Games Searchlight5:266,706
Ludum Dare 21 - Indie Games Searchlight6:189,670
Notch Interview - E3 20112:603,5301 list
Indie Games Searchlight - Rubber Duckies in 3D!15:2710,590
IGS Roundtable Is LIVE! Make Your Own Game1:41679
E3 2011 Part 2 - Indie Games Searchlight15:444,0701 list
E3 2011 Part 1 - Indie Games Searchlight10:208,2141 list
Indie Games Searchlight Roundtable: Marketing56:524,005
Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars - Indie Games Searchlight7:8026,229
VVVVVV - Indie Games Searchlight9:299,502
Frogatto & Friends - Indie Games Searchlight7:407,176
January - Indie Games Searchlight6:253,315
Bitejacker - Indie Games Searchlight6:446,292
Cat Astro Phi - Indie Games Searchlight5:543,934
MAGfest 9 Hearts Indie Games!3:405841 list
Artisan Interview - IGS at MAGFest 94:302761 list
Indie Game: The Movie Interview - Indie Games Searchlight30:299,988
Indie Games Searchlight at MAGFest 90:30458
IGS Vlog: January 2011 - Going to MAGFest 9!7:15477
Octodad Presentation - Indie City Games13:251,646
I Wanna Be The Guy - Indie Games Searchlight & Hard4Games15:005,555
Acid Couch Playthrough2:482,272
Trippy Games - Indie Games Searchlight12:2819,292
Super Meat Boy - Indie Games Searchlight6:7021,603
Pinball Invaders Presentation - Indie City Games5:23420
Organ Trail Presentation - Indie City Games6:50731
Zip! Presentation - Indie City Games7:00332
Dude Icarus Presentation Part 2 - Indie City Games9:56206
Dude Icarus Presentation Part 1 - Indie City Games6:51433
Rain of Terror Presentation Part 2 - Indie City Games7:56104
Rain of Terror Presentation Part 1 - Indie City Games7:10238
Circle of Life Presentation Part 2 - Indie City Games9:59176
Circle of Life Presentation Part 1 - Indie City Games5:171,012
Acid Couch Presentation - Indie City Games9:54402
Continuity - Indie Games Searchlight4:183,644
Pat the NES Punk on Battle Kid - IGS at SGC20101:27781
Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch SGC Demo - IGS at SGC20102:403,836
Life and Level SGC 2010 Challenge Ending - IGS at SGC20102:222,037
Happy Birthday Bytejacker - Indie Games Searchlight2:16720
Road To SGC - IGS at SGC 20102:70419
Super Mario Crossover - Indie Games Searchlight5:305,234
Halfbrick Echoes - Indie Games Searchlight4:102,747
An Intro to TIGSource - Indie Games Searchlight8:272,504
Indie Vault Name Change: Indie Games Searchlight1:14820
Upgrade Complete - Indie Vault3:362,024
Rocketbirds Revolution! - Indie Vault4:5515,604
ADDatWork Vlog - Feb 20104:50269

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