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Dad Feels Aevum - Act III6:4010,815
Nexpo Case Closed & Keemstar - RealiTea17:4625,261
The Nexpo Lawsuit - RealiTea11:4989,631
Poppy & Dad - RealiTea3:1525,452
Dad Bod - Official Music Video3:7033,373
Dad Feels Handy - Single Take Music Video3:4130,858
Adult Xmas1:2316,032
Mumflower (Post Malone Cover)3:4519,947
Dad Live in Florida Nov 221:236,952
100,000 Subscriber Celebration!2:06:527,408
100,000 SUBSCRIBERS2:1015,989
Quantum Ranger - NEW SONG4:3031,6101 list
Exposing A YouTube Cult - RealiTEA13:1165,321
John Morrison’s New WWE Ring Entrance1:4617,780
Watch Your Mouth!1:2330,388
Vintage Dad (2017)1:5519,716
Lazlo - Little Weirdo (Ft. Dad Bot)3:4523,050
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How to Tie a Tie (Your POV)4:0018,404
Dad - Act 2 (Complete)1:02:4119,428is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Good ft Danny Brown (Official Music Video)3:33243,4271 list
Dad Feels Good Music Video Teaser0:5912,9821 list
Base... Do You Hear Me?1:57:4138,455
Dad Elucidated - Act II Finale10:3541,171is in 2 lists
Dad Feels - Act II Finale Trailer1:1618,009
Dad's Present From YouTube3:2930,517
Dad Magazine3:2040,393is in 2 lists
Server Upgrade2:7026,349is in 2 lists
Surprise!2:3034,652is in 2 lists
We Built Dad’s Shed!!2:03:3714,988
Face Off3:1339,216is in 2 lists
Dad's AMAZING Night in Minecraft22:3919,4211 list
It's Complicated3:1543,090is in 2 lists
Dad Beats Portal4:27:5726,989
Boy Stuff2:3036,637is in 2 lists
Thank you NEXPO!1:5442,335
Dad Dancing LIVE (3 Hours)3:09:2124,268
Is Sniffing Cheating?3:1046,007is in 2 lists
Dad's First Game of Minecraft19:5522,8681 list
Griffin5:4038,135is in 2 lists
Big Talk3:0043,238is in 2 lists
Nathan1:4341,937is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Good - Club Remix (Lil Disappointing)3:5025,1971 list
DadCraft - Dad Makes Something Special15:2119,1361 list
Diane2:3859,920is in 2 lists
Dad Educed2:2037,433is in 2 lists
AREA 51 EXPOSED1:4540,774
Small Talk1:2335,628is in 2 lists
Dad Feels - Dad Loves You ft. J▲M▲T▲R (Lyric Video)4:2141,2771 list
Mom's Flowers1:3042,244is in 2 lists
CFBDSIR 2149-0403 (Lyric Video) Dad Feels2:4194,2281 list
Happy Bridget Day!1:1922,371
Mom's Work1:9034,048is in 2 lists
Dad's First Subscribers2:1743,734is in 2 lists
Diane Calls1:4741,305is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Good For 4 Hours!4:00:1551,006
Scott the Woz Enjoys Earth0:4067,675
Why?0:4836,256is in 2 lists
Dad Shirts NOW Available! (LIMITED AMOUNT)0:3411,590
Him?0:4938,347is in 2 lists
Father's Day1:02:5136,989is in 2 lists
This Video Has 1 Million, Views0:2726,937
40K Celebration!7:5342,633is in 2 lists
True Value1:1038,130is in 2 lists
Dad Guy [Billie Eilish Parody]2:54156,256
Daughter Snuck Out1:5938,722is in 2 lists
Lazlo1:2042,232is in 2 lists
Dad & Jamie Foxx Party with Marshmello1:2629,323
Dad Reviews FOOD4:2144,894
40,000 Subscriber Surprise0:4623,477
Little Towels1:2357,032is in 2 lists
Obey The Server (Lyric Video) Dad Feels3:46117,6741 list
Dad Feels Loved1:2751,111
Private1:1846,726is in 2 lists
Dad Loves Mom (Lyric Video) Dad Feels2:2956,1121 list
Dad Betided - Act II Begins3:1063,647is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Thankful1:2830,724
Dad Feels Golden - Solo Dad Mix (Lyric Video)2:4936,3421 list
Dad - Act 117:2534,0521 list
Dad Loves Mom1:2323,409is in 2 lists
Shed1:4019,190is in 2 lists
Dad Daydreams0:5818,882is in 2 lists
Sneaking Out1:3023,716is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Golden ft Colleen Green (Lyric Video)2:4956,0111 list
Dad Bod (Lyric Video)2:5274,9891 list
Dad Feels Good (Lyric Video)3:10132,3121 list
Dad Is On (Lyric Video)2:2053,6421 list
Dad's Chores1:1520,731is in 2 lists
Neighbor Visits1:3120,809is in 2 lists
Mom Home Alone1:1821,672is in 2 lists
Fantasy Story1:1823,756is in 2 lists
Dad Feels Good For 1 Hour1:00:1944,444
Who is Dad?1:3823,813
Diane ft Yelle (Lyric Video) Dad Feels2:52231,0101 list
True Value (Lyric Video) Dad Feels2:4882,3351 list
Can't Be Stopped (Lyric Video) Dad Feels2:41119,9741 list
Dad is Out2:3928,140is in 2 lists

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