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Sassy Dancer ZaZa Teaches tWitch How to Model Walk7:902,287,371
Dr. Oz Checks Out Ellen's Hurt Neck4:34329,346
Fans Get a Fright in the GEICO Scarebox0:5148,275
Ellen's Fake Security Guard Prank: Part 24:00105,044
Keegan-Michael Key Gets Scared by a Spider5:17279,765
Viral Kid Dancer Liang Liang Teaches Kalen Some Dance Moves2:2197,177
Ellen Celebrates National TV Talk Show Host Day2:0045,417
Kid Magician Aidan McCann Stuns Ellen with an Invisible Card Trick6:27383,034
Ali Wong on Whether She Wants Her Daughters to Be Comedians4:25525,884
Gamers Dance Like No One's Watching in 'Blindfolded Musical Chairs'6:52126,602
First Ellen Shop Customers Get a Huge Surprise1:2999,011
Average Andy's Best Haunted House Moments3:461,250,056
Guess Along with Ellen & tWitch in 'Do You Think They Can Dance?'6:43463,843
Kid Reporter Jaden Sits Down with Naomi Osaka2:2577,898
Keegan-Michael Key Reads Dr. Seuss as President Obama3:25551,310
Fans Get Drenched for 'bubly bucks'!2:5533,734
Jennifer Garner Talks Motherhood: #Momsplaining with Kristen Bell6:23702,498
Kitties and Babies and Epic or Fail Videos, Oh My!2:26126,136
Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life1:1831,743
Average Andy Is Taking 'Cats' on the Road0:5887,379
Charlize Theron Was Almost Naked When She First Met Margot Robbie4:421,362,345
Kalen Makes Stuffed Puff Rice Krispies with Marshmello, Marshmallows, and Kane Brown4:31132,138
Jenna Dewan's 'Terrible' Pregnancy Cravings4:50679,816
Official Teaser: Season 4 of ‘Momsplaining’ with Kristen Bell1:40104,470
Scarlett Johansson on Colin Jost's Romantic Proposal5:371,791,142
The New SKIMS Spokesperson You Haven't Yet Seen1:30158,209
Helen Mirren Camped with Liam Neeson in a Tiny Tent6:30182,195
Guest Host Sean Hayes Negotiates His Salary with an Unsuspecting WB Accountant4:9070,855
Helen Mirren Reveals Her Secrets in 'Two Lies and a Truth'3:1688,735
Bebe Rexha's Powerful Performance of 'You Can't Stop the Girl'3:22784,822
Kid Geography Expert Nate Seltzer's Surprising Rules as President6:24450,474
Exclusive: 'Marriage Story' Trailer2:90179,849
Scarlett Johansson's Netflix Gift for the Audience2:30401,614
Ellen Fan Plays 'Holey Roller' with Executive Producer Kevin4:2984,478
Average Andy Surprises a BE KIND. by ellen Box Subscriber4:38142,906
Ellen and tWitch Play 'Do You Think They Can Dance?'6:281,386,905
Scarlett Johansson Tries to Figure Out 'Who Dat?!'2:352,068,044
Joel Kinnaman Wants to Do More Shirtless Scenes4:10197,271
Alfie Allen Made a 'Nightmare' of a First Impression on His 'Game of Thrones' Castmates4:19185,945
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Went Clubbing in Paris5:291,198,380
Jessica Biel Plays 'Guesstures' with Ellen, tWitch and Kalen!2:40161,819
Adorable Kid Dancer Liang Liang Busts a Move!7:533,313,488
Ellen's Tips on How to Slow Down in Life4:1090,906
Deserving Fan Tastes Her Way to $20,000!4:6097,090
Win 12 Days Tickets with the 'Game of Games' App!0:3430,408
Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie Play ‘Who Would Charlize Rather?’4:484,833,358
A Look Inside Ellen's Gorillapalooza Fundraiser3:51319,396
'Bombshell' Star Charlize Theron on If She's Had Contact with Megyn Kelly3:211,146,315
Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron Play 'don't burst my bubly'3:37881,210
Ellen Recaps Her Star-Studded Gorillapalooza Fundraiser!7:1098,229
Kalen Celebrates 'Huluween'!0:5835,742
Ellen Gets Motivated with 3-Year-Old Ayaan Diop3:57464,142
Howard Stern Gives Ellen an Unforgettable Kiss6:263,176,245
Ellen's Fake Security Guard Prank4:461,999,577
Beth and Howard Stern Have a Surprise 'Bachelor' Wedding6:43356,346
Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Taught Howard Stern's Staff About Pot4:40169,920
Ellen's Staff Members Play 'You Bet Your Wife'7:451,003,871
More Than a Feline1:1352,045
Purrfect Babies1:6048,746
Kalen Reacts to Scary Movies5:90198,694
Nicole Scherzinger & Nick Cannon Guess 'The Masked Dancer'3:481,694,565
Joshua Radin Performs 'Here, Right Now'3:3131,376
Nick Cannon vs. Average Andy in '5 Second Rule'2:41259,862
Ellen Staffers Share Their Coming Out Stories10:12631,678
Smosh Faces Off in 'Ellen's Internet Debate Club'4:49194,224
Spokesmodels Gina & Gino Get Confused on Last Day of Cat Week2:8073,057
Nick Cannon Clarifies Remarks on Mariah Carey Marriage4:53547,582
tWitch & Allison Will Give You 'Motivation' to Get on Your Feet!1:241,834,250
Nicole Scherzinger Loves to Twerk in the Gym4:321,215,275
Kalen Allen Gushes About Meeting Oprah1:5498,271
tWitch & Kalen End the Show with 'Single Ladies'1:501,080,101
Kids & Their Parents Get Groovin' with The Fam Jam!4:5933,772
Which tWitch: Halloween Dance Off1:5953,110
Behind the Scenes: The Making of Average Andy in 'Cats'1:55117,946
Michael Douglas' Son Is a Daredevil7:16542,947
Dancer Logan Edra Performs Moving Routine4:30299,340
Kevin the Cashier Goes to PetSmart for Cat Week!3:28225,411
Audience Members Compete (and Fail) in 'TV Show and Tell'7:37203,194
Fans Reach for a Win in 'Stretch Your Somas!'3:7043,250
Average Andy Performs 'Memory' from 'Cats'3:70221,153
Woody Harrelson Talks About His Very Strong Weed2:14125,864
Young Dylan's Mixtape: Cardi B Gives Young Dylan Advice About Growing Up a Rapper4:50334,009
Woody Harrelson Shows Ellen How to Play 'Beersbee'1:4999,403
Woody Harrelson Admits He's a Freeloader7:32269,875
Cat Week Spokesmodel Gina Shows Off New Ellen Shop Items!1:5045,269
Jonas Brothers and Ellen Scare Fans5:00520,841
SuperM Teaches Ellen About 'Jopping'5:402,205,539
Ellen Went Down a Google Rabbit Hole2:2384,813
The White House Has Mice. Ellen Has Something Better1:1946,895
'She’s Brielle-iant': Veterinary Edition with Sloths, Owls, and More4:1893,227
A Look Back at the Jonas Brothers' Visits to Ellen1:11181,933
Maroon 5 Debuts the Cat Week Theme Song2:2045,468
Adam Levine's Daughter Doesn't Like His Singing3:40569,495
Why Ellen Is Responsible for the Jonas Brothers' Career4:52967,572
The Jonas Brothers Play 'don't burst my bubly'3:11477,480
Kieran Culkin's Hilarious Roast of His Mother-in-Law4:38138,224
This Photo of Ellen & George W. Bush Will Give You Faith in America Again3:56854,674
Nick Jonas Gets a Scare from His New ‘The Voice’ Co-Star ‘Blake Shelton’4:301,115,167
Exclusive Trailer: CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’1:1090,381
Tiffany Haddish Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions' - Part 24:60466,934

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