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[Voltron] ...Do You Hate Me? (Season 2 Spoilers)2:4534,823
Candy-San Unboxing // Japanese Goodies Giveaway!! (CLOSED)11:4311,327
~*May Akibento / Teeblox Unboxing! // RWBY, Pokemon, No Game No Life*~12:429,114
~*Anime Boston 2017 Vlog Part 5: Sunday, Spying, FINAL*~23:4513,839
~*Anime Boston 2017 Vlog Part 4: Kinks, Bloopers, Voltron*~11:1117,475
[HP] Chats With Draco Ep. 3: Polyjuice Potion (and pranks)4:5676,943
Magischola Prep // Magic School Summer Camp?!?! #Ad11:497,921
~*Anime Boston 2017 Vlog Part 3: Work, MAGIC, Emo Keith*~17:1212,528
JapanCrate April Unboxing!! /// EXPIRED FISH?!?!?!?!15:2310,936
Akibento April Unboxing! // AoT, Tokyo Ghoul, Berserk7:4612,681
~*Anime Boston 2017 Vlog Part 2: Sass, Naruto, Not Dead Yet*~12:9018,347
~*Anime Boston 2017 Vlog Part 1: Photoshoots, Mom, Spuds*~14:5917,790
[Voltron] Keith's Therapy2:4673,573
JapanCrate March Unboxing! // Mayonnaise Snacks?!?!13:458,281
Akibento March Unboxing! // Naruto, Bleach, DBZ8:219,047
~*Katsucon 2017 Vlog: Part 5 FINAL: FEAR, I'm only 10, Emotions*~22:4719,335
[BNHA] Nicknames3:2549,712
~*Katsucon 2017 Vlog Part 4: Photoshoots, BNHA, and SONIC*~11:2020,820
So I Started A Patreon...ヾ( •́д•̀ ;)ノ5:396,466
The Nick Box Unboxing! // 90s Nickelodeon Merch!!11:709,863
Pre-Anime Boston Line-up! (Also I'm in a Magazine??)6:705,419
~*Katsucon 2017 Vlog Part 3: Valentine's Surprise, Flirting, Tribbles*~14:2024,480
~*Katsucon 2017 Vlog Part 2: So Edgy, Fangirling, and RANTS*~14:1020,435
February Akibento Unboxing! // Naruto, FairyTail, Food Wars8:139,689
~*Katsucon 2017 Vlog Part 1: Thursday, Pokemon, Jokes Gone Wrong*~15:2027,134
JapanCrate Unboxing! // I EAT SLIME??14:1412,660
[Disney] Tangled - SNOWED IN10:3633,685
Pre-Katsucon Line-up!1:1710,558
January Akibento Unboxing! // One Piece, DBZ, Durarara!!8:2910,683
Candy San Unboxing! // Haikyuu!! Chocolate???12:5712,171
[BTS] FNaF - The Interview // Behind the Scenes30:3519,817
I MADE FUN OF BUCKY BARNES AND HE BROKE ME // My Snowboarding Accident12:6024,856
December Akibento Unboxing! // Love Live!, Miku Hatsune, Sword Art Online!10:7012,031
[SPN] I'll Be Good - Supernatural CMV Short3:8038,748
[VLOG] Vlogmas: Christmas in NYC25:5611,334
[AoT] Eren and Mikasa's Day Out28:5532,588
~*AAC 2016 Vlog FINAL: Vol..tron?, SHENANIGANS, Sunni2k16???*~20:5728,210
Akibento November Unboxing! // Free!, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!9:148,913
~*AAC 2016 Vlog Part 2: Kisses, Skitsofanacts, Voltron*~15:5223,157
~*AAC 2016 Vlog Part 1: CampCamp, My New Tinder, Reunited*~12:3819,727
Bokksu November Unboxing~ // Japanese Tea and Snacks9:457,845
~*The Girlfriend Tag*~14:0053,166
Treats Unboxing! // Trying Italian Snacks!!9:296,905
[Voltron] Keith's Slip Up (Feat. Skitsofanacts)1:8063,459
Akibento October Unboxing! // Anime & Manga Goodies!!8:008,955
Japanese Haul + Giveaway! // Candysan.com21:368,241
[FNaF] The Interview - REAL LIFE FNAF3:3322,115
~*Otakon 2016 VLOG FINAL: Boats, Exhaustion, & Tasting Erwin Smith*~18:5612,236
Treats Unboxing // First time tasting black licorice?!10:5710,553
~*Otakon 2016 Vlog Part 3: Magic, VALOR!!, & Dragon Boats*~12:2210,825
[Voltron] Shiro Wig Review - The Five Wits Wigs6:3216,875
~*Otakon 2016 Vlog Part 2: Friday, Wandering, We Aren't Funny*~11:5414,706
Japan Crate Review! // DISGUSTING JELLY DRINK14:4413,941
~*Otakon 2016 Vlog Part 1: Thursday, Feed a Fox, & Hiding in a Bathroom*~11:1116,666
[SnK] Survey Corps Recruitment Video3:37114,213
~*CTCon 2016 FINAL Vlog: Funni2k16, SkitsoCam, and Free!*~15:1214,532
[Tutorial] How to Wear a Lace Front Wig! // Donalove Hair Wig Review10:6020,589
~* CTcon 2016 Vlog Part 3: Joining a Cult, Supernatural, New Ships*~16:3919,346
~*CTcon 2016 Vlog Part 2: Singing, Seflie Sticks, And Skitsofanacts*~13:4017,188
~*Pre-Otakon 2016 Vlog Update! My Line-up!*~1:328,027
~*CTcon 2016 Vlog Part 1: Thursday, Bad Singing, and Pokemon Go*~10:3716,933
~*Doki Doki Crate Review // SO MANY CUTE THINGS!!*~10:1416,128
[HP] Chats With Draco Ep. 2: Glasses3:1552,137
[NWM] MAGIC SCHOOL! // New World Magischola LARP Review! // *SPOILER FREE*32:4012,940
How to Make Cosplay/Fandom Friends!! // Amino Apps AD and Review3:2313,682
~*Pre-Connecticon 2016 Update!*~2:5712,323
[Free!] Notice Me (Rin x Nitori)7:15127,882
[ML] The Un-FUR-tunate Pun0:301,213,187
~* Redbubble Haul / Review! CUTE CLOTHES GALORE! *~10:5917,847
[Supernatural] Sam, Don't Do The Thing.4:4255,878
Castle Point Anime Con 2016 Vlog: Dean Winchester VS. Pie17:5616,666
~*Anime Boston 2016 Vlog FINAL: Roller Coasters, Cats, and Unamused Security*~20:70153,924
Japan FunBox Review // 3D POKEMON CANDY???14:0014,768
~*Anime Boston 2016 Vlog Part 2: Trying to Be Cool, Beard Troubles, And I'm a Bird*~15:1020,789
Pre-Castle Point Anime Con 2016 Update!1:146,124
[Haikyuu!!] The Good-bye // KageHina4:2481,846
SnackFever // Korean Snacks Review: FOX EATS WEIRD SNACKS14:4814,124
~*Anime Boston Vlog Part 1: Thursday, Kidnapped, And So Many Bras*~17:2724,562
~*Katsucon 2016 Vlog Part 3 (FINAL): Fire alarm pt. 2, Chat Noir, and HQ PJ Party*~20:2934,963
Pre-Anime Boston 2016 Update / Cosplay Line - up!3:1110,663
Swimming Free! For Charity // Makoto and Haru Take the Plunge for The Special Olympics!9:1523,133
Charity Livestream 03/132:12:1517,416
~*Katsucon 2016 Vlog Part 2: Friday, Valentines, and Fire Alarm pt.1*~9:4520,504
Swimming Free! For Charity!! Update Video4:5812,017
~*Katsucon 2016 Vlog Part 1: Thursday, LadyNoir, and VLOG SWAP*~11:1620,327
Samurai Buyer Review - Digimon Tri Complete Animation Digivice14:6012,208
~*Pre-Katsucon 2016 Video!*~2:4310,787
[SnK] Eren's New Training3:3396,023
~*Derpycon 2015 Vlog Part 2: AoT, Bread, and Final Vlog!*~16:8019,462
[Free!] An Attempt at Friendship (Sousuke & Haru)2:5494,670
~*Derpycon 2015 Vlog Part 1: Car Vlog, Bad Singing, Free!*~12:4326,337
Christmas w/ The Survey Corps Ask Panel [Derpycon 2015]1:13:1029,670
~*Cosplay Christmas Surprise!*~7:9015,509
Pre-Derpycon 2015 Update!4:365,472
Free! Sales Ep. 5: "Explicit Magazines"6:5053,707
~*AAC 2015 Vlog Part 4 (FINAL): HP, Necromancing Lindsay Logan, and Basketball Cults*~18:0015,409
[Free! CMV] Oh, Calamity! - RinHaru3:45168,534

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