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Katy Perry Concert Candy: Japan5:23492,165is in 2 lists
Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" official music video teaser0:3615,770,606
Concert Candy: Wembley3:51194,085is in 2 lists
Katy Perry Concert Candy: UK Tour5:10416,466is in 2 lists
Behind the Scenes - Katy Perry Performs "E.T." on American Idol!4:40432,9271 list
Katy Perry Concert Candy: Europe4:19317,177is in 2 lists
Katy Perry "E.T." New York and LA Landings1:38177,781
Katy Perry Concert Candy: LA Rehearsals4:41414,739is in 2 lists
Katy Perry - "E.T." (feat. Kanye West) Official Music Video Teaser0:201,698,334
Katy Perry - "E.T." (feat. Kanye West) Official Lyrics Video3:5239,594,6321 list
Katy Perry California Dreams Tour 20111:60496,589is in 2 lists
Katy Perry GRAMMY Promo Spot0:31279,850
Katy Perry Firework Contest Wrap-Up1:57109,221
Katy Perry responds: "What's Behind Your Visual Transformation for 'Teenage Dream?'"2:53284,3861 list
Katy's Project - The Story of Firework3:20643,263
Katy Perry responds: Have changes in your life changed your writing?2:00158,5471 list
Katy Perry Firework Contest1:34733,951
Katy Perry talks "Hummingbird Heartbeat"1:27214,5491 list
Katy Perry responds: "Why Did You Name the Album 'Teenage Dream?'"1:21192,7261 list
Katy Perry "Firework" Official Lyric Video3:4923,176,0781 list
Katy Perry talks "Firework"1:42311,1971 list
Katy Perry responds: "What are you looking forward to most on this album cycle?"2:10165,6411 list
Katy Perry sings "Hot N Cold" with Elmo on Sesame Street!2:3374,038,084is in 2 lists
Katy Perry talks "Pearl"2:17402,854
Katy Perry responds: "How Does 'Teenage Dream' Differ from 'One of The Boys'?"3:16560,9831 list
Katy Perry talks "Peacock"1:43307,134
The Making of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' Album Packaging5:242,019,4201 list
Katy Perry talks "E.T."1:59590,1331 list
Katy Perry talks "Circle the Drain"1:32249,2701 list
Katy Perry - "Not Like the Movies" - Official Lyric Video4:6012,924,9861 list
Katy Perry talks "Not Like the Movies"2:31309,2801 list
The YouTube Interview with Katy Perry31:325,582,844
"Teenage Dream" (Lyrics)3:5939,250,3711 list
Katy Perry talks "Teenage Dream"2:80817,7771 list
Katy Perry - Ask Katy1:232,690,1411 list
Katy Perry talks "California Gurls"2:601,096,920
Katy Perry - On the set of "California Gurls": Day 20:386,556,629
Katy Perry - On the set of "California Gurls": Day 10:423,898,8051 list
California Gurls (30 sec. teaser)0:312,623,345
Katy Perry - The CW Sizzle Reel1:30435,192
Katy Perry - California Gurls ft. Snoop (Lyric Video)3:5633,160,7861 list
SoundsOfBuzz.com Trailer0:41208,631
Katy Perry - YouTube Live2:591,706,863
MTV Invites Katy to Host their Europe Music Awards...1:70510,6061 list
Cologne Show Highlights3:49152,874
Berlin to London to Paris to Marcielles Webisode3:55248,074
Thinking of You - Katy Perry4:1419,680

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