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○ GentleMen's Accessories ○ ASMR / Soft Spoken / Pages / Tapping / Fabric16:551,662,079
Get Ready with me ^.^ Applying Make Up, Soft Spoken40:531,380,7661 list
.○.○.Tap That Glass.○.○. ASMR / Tapping20:501,141,069
.○•Gentle Head Massage and Shampoo•○. ASMR / Soft Spoken / Binaural15:333,046,949
~Sensual Aroma Sprays and Vibrant Colors to Balance Your Chakras~ ASMR43:291,944,547
☼ 500K Thank YOU! Stories, Wine, Opening Gifts, Tears, not so good ASMR ☼37:80647,030
*)Buffing the Fluff(* Whisper / ASMR / Binaural / Touch / Blow33:371,746,4091 list
•••Tapping just in Case••• ASMR Soft Spoken Gentle Tapping33:221,500,117
(•^.^•) Детальный анализ лица АСМР (•^.^•)27:15716,0591 list
(•^.^•) Face Mapping for your Napping (•^.^•) ASMR Role Play34:205,139,842
Unboxing packages/gifts18:21716,2531 list
*Whisper* Nail Care and Color before trip to Russia50:461,308,348
АСМР Авиалинии28:60856,8021 list
ASMR Aviation Sleep Destination32:535,189,041
♥Beauty Shop Products♥ Binuaral / ASMR / Tapping / Crinkles26:511,740,5381 list
*)*(* Happy 4th of July *)*(*9:48413,721
♥(*^.^) Russian Doll 'Matryoshka' Does Your MakeUp Best♥ ASMR Role Play / Soft Spoken / Ear-toEar44:372,244,974
Mic Test and Unboxing packages. ASMR. Cards, Tissue Paper, ASMR Book, Souvenirs, Bath Bombs35:14990,0881 list
Cooking ASMR : Russian Beef and Buckwheat Patties. Soft Spoken. Back to Basics. Eating sounds.12:111,012,4731 list
☆ Медицинское обследование в АСМРмию ☆ / АСМР / Расслабляющая ролевая игра перед сном37:401,062,6841 list
☆ ASMRmy Physical Exam ☆ ASMR RP / Ear-to-Ear / Soft / Whisper / Crinkly Shirt / Personal Check up37:604,107,012
~.~ Gentle Touch, Gentle Blow, Gentle Whisper ~.~ ASMR WHISPER10:191,302,224
The K3YS: Wisdom - A Binaural ASMR Role Play17:10930,791
~Sassy Masha Vlog~ Soft Spoken/Normal Voice Wine Chit Chat/ASMR26:54527,026
-*Crinkle Crinkle lil shirts, 2*- ASMR29:441,468,571
-*Хрум хрум жакетики, 2*- АСМР21:32524,6421 list
Back to Basics: YouTube Button & Crinkly Blanket / ASMR26:27789,579
★Fabulous Fabrics Fantasy★Whisper/ASMR38:542,113,2311 list
★Fabulous Fabrics Fantasy★Soft Spoken/ASMR/UpClose41:16858,6401 list
oOo Ring Collection oOo ASMR oOo Soft spoken, Whisper at the end oOo34:211,348,3691 list
~) Сюрреалистические Картины (~ АСМР / Шепот / Тихая Речь26:59451,3021 list
~) Surrealist Meditative Art Tutorial (~ ASMR /Soft Spoken/Whispered33:401,651,4121 list
New Mics Test "Rodes to Randomness" *Sassy Masha* :)19:351,346,965
_-*-_ Beeee My Christmas Treeee _-*-_ ASMR18:27936,302
What is ASMR?2:106,450,952
/// Library ASMR: Typing, Page Flipping, Soft Spoken ///30:123,666,586
Toffee Cooking Video ^_^ mmmmm toffee.... ASMR12:391,136,5321 list
300K Thank you LIVE event :)1:34:21295,186
-*Crinkle Crinkle lil shirt...*- ASMR/binaural/hair brushing/whisper23:474,751,111
-*Хрум-хрум жакетик*- АСМР/С ушка на ушко/расчесывание волос21:331,075,3851 list
Massage Tools and Relaxing Neck Massage/ASMR26:182,212,9931 list
Массаж и Деревянные Инструменты для Массажа/АСМР30:30770,9861 list
Quick Thank you! :) normal voice5:10521,834
•Amazing • Shadows • Makeyou • Relaxed• ASMR/Binaural/Graceful Hands12:57687,181
~ Relaxing Fluffy Towels Folds ~26:152,360,4351 list
*Whisper* NY Times newspaper article reading20:38963,005
//АСМР Бумажная Любовь\\42:24800,7991 list
//ASMR Paper Love\\ Cards and Journals49:562,371,2611 list
✹.✹ Most Gentle✹.✹ ASMR/Binuaral/Intimate13:132,230,337
︴White Sound All Around ︴19:26911,494
\(^_^)/Breaking the silence :P Sassy Masha Vlog ♥34:161,095,046
ツ АСМР/ Визит в Праздничный Центр ツ ролевая игра, мягкая речь ♥24:46422,5921 list
ツ ASMR Event Planning Center RP ツ softly spoken, misc sounds23:201,154,468
~•Relaxing Hand and Forearm Massage•~ ASMR Soft Spoken20:202,726,1831 list
\\\Cute Cards and Journals/// Tapping, Page flipping /ASMR/47:533,042,8831 list
\\\Открытки и Блокноты/// Теппинг, Страницы. /АСМР/40:571,042,276
~.~Eye gazing, ear-to-ear blowing, head massagers~.~22:102,470,791
~.~Глаза в глаза, дуновения в ушки и массажеры для головы~.~26:22944,4041 list
☆ASMR Survey. ☆Please participate! ☆ *Whisper*26:201,167,005
=}}(~_~){{=Steamy Dreamy SPAtenious ASMR (binaural)42:279,375,087
.♔.ASMR TV: Jewelry Edition.♔.28:49950,538
*)*)*End of the year*(*(*◄ these are fireworks btw (peew) :P nice?I like it!28:47759,486
-⋈-ASMR Gentlemen's Suit Fitting Session-⋈-45:536,941,795
∩_∩ The Face Time ∩_∩ : face massage & make up for You & me :)45:483,628,192
-≛-Russian Culture:Banya, Ice Swim., Maslenitsa-≛- ASMR23:30712,097
~SleepPhones-Pajamas for your ears~21:30937,148
~Рената Литвинова *асмр пародия*/*asmr parody* Renata Litvinova18:21376,783
✺the Cozy and the Cute✺ Ear-to-ear soft spoken/whisper (please wear headphones :) ty)21:122,395,088
~≈Soft Spoken Relaxing Hair Play≈~20:374,189,6051 list
~≈Whisper Relaxing Hair Play≈~ please wear headphones20:371,462,5151 list
ASMR Eating sounds!!! Russian Traditional Foods Tasting ♥ (see description :)16:141,889,6931 list
✶☾✶Вселенная✶☾✶ АСМР/ c ушка-на-ушко16:25665,7221 list
✶☾✶the YOUniverse✶☾✶ Binaural ASMR17:362,188,197
Brainstorming Update and How I do my curly hair31:36728,051
~Shopping Channel Purses/Bags Demonstration RP~ Soft Spoken, Soft Hands, Leather, Crinkling21:461,642,581
~_~ Binaural Leather Whisper/Please wear headphones ~_~21:20878,420
~Приключения Алисы в стране чудес~ АСМР/Шепот/Тихая речь13:56346,8941 list
~Adventures of Alice in Wonderland ~ ASMR14:40823,0441 list
...Made just for you... ASMR 3D sound24:296,905,586
See you soon :) Whisper ramble* Tapping* Crinkling*33:141,319,685
✁✃АСМР Виртуальная Парикмахерская 3D звук✁✃ Virtual Haircut in Russian ASMR28:291,913,4441 list
Wake up alarm tone. :)1:22398,416
Будильник. :)1:23111,0531 list
...xD... Bloopers, outtakes and behind the scenes 100K!! Whaaaaaat? :O11:53896,8221 list
Make up tutorial ~Soft Spoken/Whispered~42:372,265,719
♩♪♫ Singing ASMR Style4:12309,238
ASMR Whisper Little Cooking video15:55868,6121 list
Draw my Life :) ASMR24:251,015,563
Lipsmackingly delicious recipies Whisper*19:56719,1371 list
❀The Good Witch's Ways...❀ ASMR39:371,604,800
Clothezzzz... foldingzzzz... -.-24:501,691,5611 list
~♥~International ASMR day April 9th 2013~♥~ TAG collab with TheWaterWhispers42:55194,156
∘ Easter Jello Eggs and Eggs with prints ∘ soft spoken ASMR22:24504,2481 list
Contest entry "Friends" Collection :)18:48233,3921 list
☻Sassy little Maria lol☻Soft/Whisper19:481,086,204
⌘ АСМР Эксперимент ⌘29:37489,5401 list
⌘ ASMR Paradise Lab. ⌘30:483,084,047
ღ Сладкий Шепот ни о чем ღ с ушка на ушко12:24515,5891 list
ღ Sweet Nothing ღ ear-to-ear (Please Wear Headphones)11:281,891,841
ASMR Study Volunteers needed *Whisper*19:44773,662

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