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Nickelback: All The Right Reasons Tour - Rockstar (Story Behind The Song)1:1026,660
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons Tour - Far Away (Story Behind The Song)1:1031,851
Nickelback - Chapter Four #ATRR150:3139,812
Nickelback - Chapter Three #ATRR150:5357,394
Nickelback - Chapter Two #ATRR151:1045,068
Nickelback - Chapter One #ATRR151:10103,636
Nickelback - Feed The Machine Tour 2018 Wrap Up4:57118,340
Nickelback - Home [Lyric Video]3:536,741,062
Nickelback - The Tragically Hip Cover1:30161,460
Nickelback - The Betrayal Act III [Official Video]4:152,282,403
Nickelback - After The Rain [Lyric Video]3:3510,875,914
Nickelback - The Betrayal (Act III)3:51158,084
Nickelback - Must Be Nice [Lyric Video]3:413,832,220
Nickelback - The Betrayal (Act I) [Audio]2:43481,397
Nickelback - Every Time We're Together [Audio]3:531,742,072
Nickelback - Silent Majority [Audio]3:531,978,420
Nickelback - For The River [Audio]3:292,119,348
Nickelback - The Betrayal (Act III) [Audio]4:21586,437
Nickelback - After The Rain [Audio]3:351,624,177
Nickelback - Coin for the Ferryman [Audio]4:513,082,780
Nickelback - Home [Audio]3:533,435,418
Nickelback - Song On Fire [Official Video]3:5115,685,940
Nickelback - Must Be Nice [Audio]3:402,063,227
Nickelback - Song On Fire [Lyric Video]3:518,623,764
Nickelback - Feed The Machine [Official Video]5:105,809,882
Nickelback - Feed The Machine [Lyric Video]4:598,130,674
Nickelback - Feed The Machine - Coming 2.1.170:39145,022
Nickelback - Coming Soon - 2.1.170:32163,317
Nickelback - European Tour 20161:50103,216
Nickelback: World Tour 2016 (Germany)1:3058,871
Nickelback: European Tour 20161:3087,719
Nickelback - "Satellite" (Teaser)0:16202,238
Nickelback - "Get 'Em Up" (Teaser)0:16404,029
Nickelback - No Fixed Address Tour - Hardest Part About Playing Live1:4354,662
Nickelback - No Fixed Address Tour - Pre-Production1:4065,324
Nickelback On The No Fixed Address Tour0:1690,477
Nickelback - No Fixed Address Tour4:6061,486
Nickelback - Daniel Adair Ice Bucket Challenge To Strike Out ALS0:28212,649
Nickelback - Ice Bucket Challenge To Strike Out ALS0:44265,421
Nickelback - Edge of a Revolution (Teaser)0:16320,550
Nickelback - Outtakes From The Road1:33478,5451 list
Nickelback's nightly trip to the stage with "Walk" by Pantera1:21205,3051 list
THANK YOU, BE, FR, NL, DK, SE, FI, DE, CH, & UK!0:21133,3311 list
Sheffield, UK - Loud as ever0:52109,0331 list
Nickelback - "Lullaby" Newcastle, UK1:48243,8971 list
Nickelback- "Goodnight Manchester!"1:55161,8121 list
Nickelback - Someday - The O2, London0:19144,5611 list
Nickelback- Awesome crowd of "Animals" in Zurich0:2183,9141 list
Happy Birthday Avril1:90274,7621 list
Nickelback - Cologne Beer Toss1:18121,9621 list
Nickelback "Gotta be Somebody" Frankfurt0:56120,1801 list
Nickelback - Cologne - "Rockstar"0:55126,4771 list
Nickelback "Animals" Live in Hamburg0:5388,0911 list
Nickelback Helsinki - "Burn It To The Ground"1:12125,5291 list
Nickelback "Burn It To The Ground - Stockholm 20121:15150,7021 list
"Trying Not To Love You" - Behind The Scenes w/ Jason Alexander1:32106,335
Nickelback - Trying Not To Love You5:4129,584,7781 list
Making of Nickelback's Here and Now Tour1:0091,7011 list
Nickelback Live at Magnetic Hill in Moncton July 7th1:2885,7381 list
Nickelback - This Means War3:269,155,777is in 2 lists
Nickelback - Lullaby3:4553,725,595is in 3 lists
Nickelback - This Means War - Behind The Scenes Video2:27653,675
Nickelback Here and Now Tour 20120:35480,3851 list
Nickelback Here and Now Tour 2012 Coming Soon0:31179,3461 list
Nickelback- When We Stand Together3:1277,523,970is in 3 lists
Nickelback "Bottoms Up" Lyric Video3:345,838,394
Nickelback 'Here and Now' In Stores November 21, 20110:16634,561
Nickelback - I'd Come For You4:238,346,4991 list
Nickelback - This Afternoon5:1226,823,562is in 3 lists
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Lighting1:58139,5821 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Guitar Techs1:3196,9491 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Stage Managers2:3071,9461 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Pyro2:2559,6831 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Drum Tech1:3899,4801 list
Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone3:4816,733,372is in 2 lists
Nickelback - Too Bad4:1110,589,811is in 3 lists
Nickelback - How You Remind Me3:48102,348,921is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Someday3:2852,242,707is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Rockstar4:169,651,402is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Photograph4:2251,878,014is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Leader Of Men3:327,954,2821 list
Nickelback - Feelin' Way Too Damn Good4:507,267,947is in 2 lists
Nickelback - Figured You Out3:485,353,382is in 2 lists
Nickelback - Savin' Me4:1335,009,404is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Never Again4:264,504,417is in 2 lists
Nickelback - Far Away3:5923,127,897is in 3 lists
Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground3:3827,147,641is in 2 lists
Nickelback on 2009 Juno Awards4:40413,739
Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day4:104,333,452is in 2 lists
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Stage Design1:2784,1721 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - It's Huge!!!2:3061,3491 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Bass Tech1:3570,2341 list
Nickelback Dark Horse Tour Video - Bells and Whistles (FOH)1:4080,1431 list
Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody4:173,703,384is in 2 lists

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