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Damian McGinty : Slow Dance (Acoustic)3:25997
Damian McGinty : Home Sweet Home (Acoustic)4:601,129
Damian McGinty : You Should Know (Acoustic)4:122,587
Santa Fake: Trailer / starring Damian McGinty as Pat Keeley1:5826,370
Damian McGinty: Caledonia4:4012,746
McGinty Wedding video.14:5567,415
Join Damian McGinty on the Another Town Acoustic Tour!0:332,384
Damian McGinty: Saltwater (Lyric Video)4:004,769
Damian McGinty : Saltwater3:588,552
Damian McGinty : Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month March 2019!5:1311,075
Damian McGinty announces release of new album Young Forever1:455,617
Damian McGinty : Home Sweet Home3:4015,152
Damian McGinty : Geronimo2:4919,857
Damian McGinty: The Young Forever Tour Announcement0:5610,033
Damian McGinty : Unbelievable3:413,586
Damian McGinty : Slow Dance3:113,277
Damian McGinty : You Should Know3:392,482
Damian McGinty : Sweetest Goodbye3:165,056
Damian McGinty : No More Time3:315,012
Damian McGinty: You Should Know (Official Video)4:2569,860
Preorder Damian McGinty's new EP, 'No More Time,' Today!1:204,770
Damian McGinty: The Slow Dance Tour! Coming spring 20180:378,335
Damian McGinty - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (Official Music Video)3:2078,865
Damian speaks to Portland OR Fox 12 about new CD, Dec 8 Portland concert2:474,186
Damian on Q13 Fox in Seattle talking about new CD and Dec 7 concert in Seattle4:564,708
Damian McGinty - Will You Dance With Me (This Christmas Time) [Lyric Video]2:5339,840
Damian McGinty / Hallelujah4:45100,085
Damian McGinty on Tour this December!0:283,220
Damian performs the National Anthem at the MLB Royals vs. Reds game, May 19, 20152:1819,742
Damian McGinty // Power Of Music Tour Update & Tickets1:2676,086
Damian McGinty in The Power of Music3:17205,644
Damian McGinty is Back on Tour! Live with Ethan Bortnick's The Power of Music!0:2648,258
Damian Mc Ginty on KING 5 New Day Northwest, May 16, 20136:5994,405
Damian Mc Ginty on Seattle's KOMO News Radio, December 7, 20123:2913,879
Damian Mc Ginty on Seattle's KOMO TV News, December 7, 20123:4122,503
Damian Mc Ginty interview on Seattle's Q13 Fox, December 6, 20125:5031,230
When You are Eighteen3:13458,676
"A Place in the Choir"4:145,879,0211 list
"Just a Song at Twilight"3:52592,0591 list
"Buachaill Ón Eirne"3:36341,6901 list
"It's the Most Wonderful Time" & "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"5:23193,4891 list
"Our First Christmas Together"2:25227,4521 list
"Winter Wonderland"2:17185,9181 list
"Breaking Up is Hard to Do"2:39575,8201 list
"Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen"2:58314,6221 list
"A Bird Without Wings"4:401,561,1191 list
"Puppy Love"2:52726,4351 list
"Come By the Hills"3:341,188,4431 list
"Young Love"2:49463,5681 list
CDTV Opening Damian's channel!!4:22273,3681 list

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