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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Movie Review (NO Spoilers)11:39177,781
Can I Build a LEGO STAR WARS Imperial Star Destroyer? 4000+ PIECES??10:4929,070
Remember PROSTARS? The 90's Sports Cartoon You Forgot18:4630,225
15 Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters I Want in Fighters Pass Vol. 214:1877,076
Re-Watching G.I. JOE 80's Cartoon! First 5 Episodes Explained!21:5045,258
DOLITTLE - I Have To Explain (SPOILERS)24:30139,794
WHO @#$%&* PALPATINE? The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS | Black Nerd14:41114,133
The BEST SUPER POWER I Want To Have | Black Nerd8:4421,604
CATS Movie... I Have To Explain (SPOILERS)29:30575,444
New POWER RANGERS Reboot Movie with 90'S TIME TRAVEL? | Black Nerd13:1090,679
XBOX SERIES X Plays EVERY Xbox Game EVER? | Black Nerd Reaction15:2055,596
WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer Breakdown & Thoughts | Black Nerd13:0045,401
GHOSTBUSTERS Afterlife Trailer Reaction & Thoughts | Black Nerd6:31109,379
GHOSTBUSTERS Afterlife 2020 First Look BREAKDOWN! Plot Details & Photos | Black Nerd10:5074,656
MULAN 2020 Movie Trailer Reaction & Thoughts | Black Nerd7:5758,135
Watched CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Trailer Knowing Nothing About the DC CW Arrowverse | Black Nerd10:2287,386
BLACK WIDOW Trailer Reaction & Thoughts | Black Nerd7:4068,448
MORE Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch? What Games Should Be Next? | Black Nerd14:1526,594
BLACK FRIDAY... I Have A Problem (2019 Haul) | Black Nerd16:2873,706
HOLIDAYS MAKE ME ANGRY! (Thanksgiving & Christmas) Plus TROLLING Gift | Black Nerd Rants10:5234,008
PRE-BLACK FRIDAY HAUL! Opening 2 MONTHS of Mail | Black Nerd14:4541,864
FROZEN 2 - Movie Review | Black Nerd11:45106,134
I Have To Explain CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2019 (Spoilers) | Black Nerd22:19184,638
CATS Movie Trailer 2 Reaction - MOVIE OF THE YEAR 2019 | Black Nerd12:4078,622
Could The NETFLIX / NICKELODEON Deal Mean New Power Rangers, TMNT, NickToons? | Black Nerd13:4272,530
KEANU REEVES in the SPONGEBOB MOVIE? Sponge On The Run Trailer Reaction | Black Nerd5:5080,484
SONIC The Hedgehog Movie Trailer 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs | Black Nerd21:40148,365
NEW SONIC MOVIE TRAILER & DESIGN! Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer 2 Reaction | Black Nerd6:50832,012
SCOOB! Movie Plot, Easter Eggs & Crossovers REVEALED (Trailer Breakdown) | Black Nerd16:5077,038
SCOOB! Teaser Trailer Reaction & Breakdown | Black Nerd8:56134,131
I Have To Explain PLAYING WITH FIRE x MY LITTLE PONY (Spoilers) | Black Nerd30:1078,818
Will SCOOB! Movie Have A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Scene? | Black Nerd9:2581,006
I Have To Explain TERMINATOR Dark Fate SPOILERS | Black Nerd16:21134,090
TERMINATOR: DARK FATE - Movie Review | Black Nerd7:4371,264
Is GHOSTBUSTERS a Halloween Horror Movie? (Ghostbusters 2020) | Black Nerd14:1827,396
THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2019 Movie Review - Better TV Show Than Film? | Black Nerd13:1769,353
Will HBO MAX be the REAL Disney+ Competition? | Black Nerd32:5590,461
THE MANDALORIAN - Trailer 2 REACTION | Black Nerd8:2227,045
I Have to Explain MALEFICENT 2: Mistress of Evil (SPOILERS) | Black Nerd26:59317,646
So I Finally Saw JOKER... (Spoilers) | Black Nerd16:52191,404
STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker FINAL Trailer Reaction | Black Nerd12:5852,369
SPIDER-MAN BACK in the MCU... Now What?? (Sony & Marvel)10:1360,166
Kevin Feige Joins STAR WARS? Jonah Hill in BATMAN? Geek or Leak?12:3721,888
Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Season 2 Trailer REACTION6:3034,690
Nintendo Switch Lite, Sega Genesis Mini, Movies & Mail Unboxing23:4049,250
Saved by the Bell REBOOT! Punky Brewster REBOOT! Who's Next?8:5731,416
Comic-Con SHOPPING HAUL! Ninja Turtles! Power Rangers! Rescue Rangers?? (SDCC 2019)22:2934,925
Nintendo Direct 9.4.19 REACTION! Overwatch on Switch! Terry in Smash! Super NES Online!37:13108,234
IS DISNEY PLUS WORTH IT? Mandalorian, Marvel, Lizzie McGuire! (D23 Expo 2019)23:1275,404
So This Spider-Man Out of the MCU Disney/Marvel/Sony Split Thing...14:1096,894
I Watch the CATS Movie Trailer Knowing Nothing About Cats (Reaction)17:26125,292
CHILD'S PLAY 2019 - Movie Review & Spoilers16:3082,095
SPIDER-MAN Far From Home - Movie Review8:48114,401
90's vs Now! College Tech, Movies & Games - Best Buy Haul12:5036,044
HOBBS AND SHAW Final Trailer REACTION in a RACE CAR5:2114,603
NEW TMNT ARCADE? I WANT IT! Ninja Turtles & Arcade1Up - E3 20193:6038,532
I Played FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE! Hands-On Impressions & Avengers Thoughts (Square Enix E3 2019)8:4632,940
TOY STORY 4 - Movie Review7:26154,349
NINTENDO E3 2019 GAMES! First Impressions! Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Shield, etc.12:5523,975
Awkward Talks with YELLOW POWER RANGERS (Karan Ashley & Nakia Burrise)12:3461,969
I "STOLE" LEGO STAR WARS?? 20th Anniversary Haul ft. Strawburry17 (The Skywalker Saga)6:4824,705
NINTENDO DIRECT E3 2019 - Reaction & Thoughts39:1884,389
BANJO-KAZOOIE in SMASH BROS ULTIMATE! - E3 Reaction & Thoughts4:33143,365
GREMLINS 35TH ANNIVERSARY UNBOXING! Neca Ultimate Gremlins Figures9:5020,824
X-MEN DARK PHOENIX - Movie Review8:39103,282
UNBOXING 6 MONTHS OF MAIL - Mystery Unboxing Haul23:1437,283
GODZILLA King of the Monsters - Movie Review10:46161,615
I'm in TOKYO with GODZILLA and PIKACHU! My First Trip to Japan!7:1822,362
BRIGHTBURN - Movie Review & Some Spoilers9:2661,181
My First ZIPLINE in NORWAY! (Black Nerd)4:4118,761
ALADDIN 2019 Movie Review - Good, Bad & Nerdy13:13127,159
RETRO CARTOON CHALLENGE: Dragons Edition with Jay Baruchel, Dean DeBlois7:4126,401
TOP 5 XBOX & NINTENDO Crossovers I Want To See8:5224,404
BATMAN vs NINJA TURTLES - Movie Review10:4791,245
POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU - Movie Review7:42108,223
Does SPIDER-MAN Far From Home Trailer SPOIL Too Much? - Reaction & Thoughts7:2456,712
Cartoon Impressions Challenge with Brian Hull14:36284,535
AVENGERS ENDGAME - Mild Spoiler Talk & Movie Review18:2278,834
Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer Reaction - MOVIE OF THE YEAR 20198:36557,201
I Saw AVENGERS ENDGAME in JAPAN! - No Spoilers Reaction Review7:1061,706
TOP 10 Superheroes That NEED a Reboot / Remake10:5639,029
HOBBS & SHAW BROKE ME! - Trailer 2 Reaction & Thoughts8:3263,755
CHILD’S PLAY 2019 Trailer 2 Reaction & Thoughts - Chucky is Joker!5:5955,346
Will Superhero Movie "Hype" END in 2019? (Avengers, X-Men, Star Wars) - Opinion11:1032,031
JOKER IS HERE! Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 Reaction & Thoughts15:3983,821
Here We Go... STAR WARS Episode 9 Teaser Trailer Reaction & Thoughts6:2076,677
DETECTIVE PIKACHU Sneak Peek Reaction + I Missed a Trailer??7:5360,139
THE LION KING Trailer Reaction! Trying to Fight the Feels!8:17120,408
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Trailer Reaction - The New Nightmare Before Christmas?5:4884,358
SHAZAM! Movie Review ⚡ Good, Bad & Nerdy9:0085,399
That JOKER Teaser Trailer! Reaction & Thoughts6:33167,872
US Movie Review - Can You Enjoy Without Making Theories?7:3536,429
MORE Ghostbusters? What About GREMLINS?11:5937,074
My Thoughts on Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Episode 1 Premiere7:5986,752
Why My Channel is Called Black Nerd Comedy13:3067,667
The BATMAN / NINJA TURTLES Animated Movie is REAL!7:0063,512
Super Mario Maker 2! Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 Reaction Highlights14:2085,000
About Lego Movie 2, Rex, Maturity & Growing Up Geek (OPINION)14:5666,204
The LEGO Movie 2 Review! NO LEGO MARVEL??7:1351,274

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